Alternatives To Annoying Lack Of Google Authenticator Updates


Google Authenticator updates have been missing for over two years now, and some inconvenienced users are now jumping ship. While fixing what isn't broken is hardly a priority for Google, in 2020, its Android app is facing competition on numerous fronts.

These days, two-factor authentication is not just an option, but a necessity. Sure, even the latest 2FA apps have some shocking flaws and the tech is far from perfect. Then again, that fact doesn't make the overall lack of Google Authenticator updates any less annoying.

Tech circles are now becoming increasingly more critical of that state of affairs. Calls for users to ditch Google Authenticator are even gaining traction in media. The increasing volume of quality alternatives will likely only strengthen that trend in the coming months.


The field of mobile biometrics was still in its infancy back when the last Google Authenticator update released. These days, its lack of support for iris scanners and comparable solutions is a glaring inconvenience. In fact, the app doesn't even allow passcodes.

The iOS and BlackBerry ports of the service are as outdated as its Android version, as well.

Setting up Google Authenticator on multiple devices is also a headache requiring meticulous (QR) code management. Speaking of inconvenience, it's hard to go through the process of replacing your daily driver without feeling like Google Authenticator wasted a whole lot of your time.


Don't forget: the best security is always inconvenient

You could argue that a more accessible 2FA solution is inherently less secure seeing how convenience and security are essentially mutually exclusive. Needless to say, that's still a sound stance to have.

But if you're getting fed up with Google Authenticator's lack of even the most basic quality-of-life features, you can opt for several decent compromises.

Naturally, not everyone can easily eliminate Google Authenticator from their login routines. Some of today's most popular apps continue to be reliant on Google's solution, despite its lack of updates.


Discord is a good example of such a service that's playing a big part in keeping the 2FA tool alive. Reddit is another platform with hundreds of millions of users that continues to offer Google's service as one of its main 2FA methods.

These days, however, even Discord and Reddit users have some alternatives at their disposal. Most notably in the form of Authy, though some general-purpose security tools like LastPass are also gaining traction on the 2FA front. If you don't favor such versatile solutions, Microsoft Authenticator is another highly praised option.

So, while the likelihood of new Google Authenticator updates rolling out continues decreasing, its users aren't as devoid of choices as they once were. The app likely isn't going anywhere, either. After all, many still (rightfully) insist on no-compromise security, as inconvenient as it may be.