Galaxy Z Flip Tipped To Flaunt A Visible Hinge And Raised Bezels

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip concept render image 8

Leaker Ishan Agarwal has some new scoop on Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone. The tipster claims that the Galaxy Z Flip images that showed up on the interweb earlier are indeed accurate. Like renders teased by Samsung earlier, the new photographs also show an in-folding clamshell phone.

The leakster also backs up claims that the Galaxy Z flip will have a glass layer, although he doesn’t seem so certain. Per previous reports, the bendable phone will feature both an ultra-thin glass and a plastic layer. The plastic covering will go over the glass to provide extra protection.

Agarwal also alleges that Samsung’s next foldable phone will have a visible hinge and raised bezels, supposedly for increased durability. It also seems the phone will have the same protection caps as the Galaxy Fold to prevent foreign substances from going in.


Previously, it was reported that the phone will come with something called a Hideaway Hinge. This implied that the hinge will be almost invisible, but looks like that wouldn’t be the case.

Other than that, he also claims that the phone will have a pinhole display. The punch hole will apparently be small in size and it will reportedly house a 10-megapixels camera.

At the back, there will be two cameras. However, the previous reports claiming that the phone will have the same 108MP camera and 5x zoom as the Galaxy S20 have died down. The camera system will likely be accompanied by a flash unit.

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Galaxy Z Flip Will Likely Have A Small Notification Panel

It is believed that the secondary screen on the Galaxy Z Flip will be pill-shaped. A previous report had suggested that the outer display will measure just 1-inch. Needless to say, it will not be a full-blown display and will have just limited functionality. Its purpose will apparently be to allow users to check notifications without opening the phone.

That makes sense if you recall a previous leak that said the device will have a 3,300mAh cell under the hood. A smaller cover display will not take a toll on battery life. At the same time, it will also work to enhance the durability of the phone. That’s because users will not have to constantly fold and unfold the device just to see if they have any notifications. While we are talking about the battery, it’s also worth mentioning that the phone will likely ship with a 15W charger.

And lastly, the latest leak also says that the Galaxy Z Flip will also be available in a premium looking purple shade.


Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone is tipped to sport a 6.7-inch display. Inside will be the last year’s Snapdragon 855 SoC. The company is apparently cutting corners to keep the price of the phone down. The device will supposedly cost $860, which seems more reasonable when compared to the $1,980 Galaxy Fold.

The low price will help drive adoption, or that’s at least what Samsung is hoping for. The design of the phone has reportedly been inspired by power compact and it is mainly aimed at young female customers.

The Galaxy Z Flip will likely be announced on February 11 alongside the Galaxy S20 series.