[UPDATE: It will] Galaxy S20 Ultra May Not Offer 120Hz Option At QHD Resolution


According to new information from a well-known tipster, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra my not offer 120Hz refresh rate at QHD resolution.

This information comes from Ice Universe, and the tipster seems quite disappointed by this. He does note, however, that he cannot confirm the information just yet.

This information is based on the latest test firmware for the device. So, even though it is disabled now, it may be enabled by the time the phone reaches the market.


Just to be clear, the phone will have a 120Hz display for sure. Pretty much every piece of information indicates that. The Galaxy S20 Ultra will offer a 120Hz refresh rate at FullHD, but not QHD one. Presuming this information is accurate, of course.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra my offer 120Hz refresh rate at FullHD resolution only

The provided info seems to suggest that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will cap off at 60Hz at QHD resolution. That would be quite a disappointment if you want to use that display in its full glory. At the very least, Samsung should offer a 90Hz option for the highest resolution option.

You may wonder why would Samsung do something like this. Well, the reason is probably battery life. The higher the refresh rate, the more battery it will drain.


Samsung either realized that it cannot optimize the phone to a satisfactory level, or it is currently testing everything, which is why this option may have been released. We can only guess at this point.

The 'Director's View' feature is also missing from the latest firmware

That's not the only thing that got revealed by the latest test firmware, however. The 'Director's View' feature for advanced camera video controls has been removed as well. Wed don't know if it will be back or not.

At this point, it seems like Samsung removed two main features of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Its 120Hz refresh rate display, at full resolution, was lauded as one of its main features. The same goes for 'Director's View'.


Once again, Ice Universe did say he's not sure about this information. So, take it with a grain of salt. The tipster is usually right, but if he himself says this may not be accurate, who are we to say otherwise.

The Galaxy S20 series will become official on February 11. Samsung had already scheduled a press conference for that date. At this point, it seems like the Galaxy S11 won't happen for sure, the Galaxy S20 moniker will replace it.

Along with the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, Samsung is expected to announce its new foldable smartphone. That will be the company's first clamshell foldable device, and it may not be called the Galaxy Fold 2. We'll see.


UPDATE, Jan. 10: Ice universe published yet another tweet, refuting what he previously mentioned. He now says that the S20 Ultra will include 120Hz support at QHD resolution.