Galaxy S20 Camera Features Leak Along With Fold 2 Charging Info

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Some new information regarding the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera features and the Galaxy Fold 2 charging have been revealed. That’s not all, by the way, some additional info surfaced.

This information comes from the official Galaxy Note 9 One UI 2.0 update. The information has been found and provided by XDA Developers, as the site dug around One UI 2.0 code.

The source managed to find references to a high refresh rate display, new camera modes, 108-megapixel camera sensors, and so on.


The strings that the source checked out come from various system APKs, which folks over at XDA decoded using APKTool. Such software strings are usually quite a reliable source of information for upcoming smartphones.

Galaxy S20 camera features will include Directors View, Single Take Photo, Pro Video, and more

‘Directors View’ is the first feature that the source stumbled upon. The explanation of this feature is not included in the code, but the source guesses that this mode will allow you to record and swap between different lenses on the Galaxy S20. You will be able to select a subject for the phone to focus on, and the Galaxy S20 will automatically track them.

A ‘Single Take Photo’ mode was also spotted in the code. It is a new camera mode that Samsung developed in order to use AI to take pictures and videos of any scene. With this, Samsung is trying to do something similar to Google’s Photobooth mode. The idea is for the camera to register a smile, kiss, and various other optimal moments.

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The ‘Pro Video’ option was also mentioned in the code. This is kind of self-explanatory, it’s a pro video mode in the camera, a mode that will give you far more options. This feature was rumored to be a part of the Galaxy S20, and the code now confirms it.

Samsung used to offer such a mode on its phones, but then it removed it, and offered it for photo-taking only. It seems like the company came around, and is planning to let users use pro video mode once again. This will give you the option to control the exposure, shutter speed, ISO, color tone, etc.

Samsung is also working on various new photo modes for the camera. Those modes include Artify, Mono, Side light, and Vintage.


The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to offer 45W charging

Another piece of code reveals that the Galaxy Fold 2 (codenamed ‘bloom’) will support fast charging. It also confirms that its fast charging will not be slower than 25W, and it will go up to a maximum of 45W.

It seems like Samsung is also planning to offer some sort of battery health feature. Strings referencing the ability to check the health of the battery have been found. Apple’s iPhones had this feature for a while, and it shows you when your phone’s battery is starting to show its age, basically.

There you have it, some additional information regarding the Galaxy S20 camera, features, Galaxy Fold 2 charging, and so on. The Galaxy S20 and Fold 2 are expected to arrive prior to MWC 2020. They’re coming in February, probably February 11 or 18.