Galaxy S20 Branding & Case Details Confirmed By "Reliable Suppliers"

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 branding has just been confirmed, kind of. Samsung did not officially confirm it yet, but MobileFun did. This company who sells smartphone accessories, including cases, has received a list of official cases for the Galaxy S20 series.

Based on this list of cases, we can clearly see that the Galaxy S11 is out of the picture, and that Samsung plans to use the Galaxy S20 branding. This information comes from “reliable suppliers”, says MobileFun.

Galaxy S20 branding confirmed along with “Ultra” model

That being said, this list of cases also confirms the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a thing. Unfortunately, that means that the Galaxy S20e will not be announced. Based on this info, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. That is what rumors have been suggesting as well.


Now, if you visit the link in the first paragraph, you’ll be able to see a lot of cases listed, for all three devices. Some familiar cases will be back, cases that we’ve seen for the Galaxy S10 series.

There will also be some new additions in terms of official cases. Samsung will launch three variants of the Kvadrat covered cases in green, red, and gray color variants. This range of cases will be available for the Galaxy S20 Ultra only, by the way.

Most colors that we’ve seen for Samsung’s official cases will be back, with the addition of a new one. The ‘Sky Blue’ color has been mentioned on this list.

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Various cases will be available in this color scheme, including the Silicone Cover, LED View Cover, LED Cover, and even the Clear View Cover ranges.

MobileFun even has pricing info at this point. Prices for the Galaxy S20 series cases will not change much compared to the previous-gen. Considering there are tons of cases listed, it would be best if you visit the link in the first paragraph in order to see the price tags.

Images for these cases are still not available

MobileFun still does not have images for these cases, though, so keep that in mind. Models of the cases are listed for every single phone, with price tags, but without images.


That is pretty much all info that the source shared. The Galaxy S20 series will arrive on February 11, as Samsung already scheduled a press conference.

Samsung will announce three Galaxy S20 smartphones, as already mentioned, but that’s not all. The company is also expected to announce a new foldable smartphone on February 11.

The company’s first clamshell foldable handset is expected to arrive, but we still do not know if it will be called the Galaxy Fold 2, or not. Stay tuned, more info will arrive soon.