Galaxy Home Mini Will Launch In "Early" 2020

samsung galaxy home mini

Samsung noted that the Galaxy Home Mini will launch early this year. However it neglected to say anything about the full-sized Galaxy Home that it debuted over a year ago.

The Galaxy Home Mini still has not had an official announcement. It has been seen numerous times in Samsung's beta program, as well as in other marketing materials. Samsung has not denied its existence either, since Hyun-Suk Kim who is head of Samsung's consumer electronics division stated to Bloomberg on Monday that it would be released in the early part of 2020.

All's quiet on the Galaxy Home front, though

While Samsung did state that the Galaxy Home Mini would be released in the early part of 2020, there was still no word on the regular Galaxy Home.


It was announced in August 2018 with the Galaxy Note 9. It has missed numerous launch targets, and now, it doesn't even have a launch target. The last we heard about the Galaxy Home, was that Samsung was still working on it and refining Bixby. And seeing as Bixby isn't that great – when compared to the competition – that might take a while.

That also made sense, since the Galaxy Home Mini was looking for beta testers to try out the new smaller speaker.

Making a smart speaker isn't hard, the digital assistant is

Samsung is likely not running into trouble on the speaker side of things for the Galaxy Home, it's more likely Bixby.


You see, Samsung is using HARMAN, which it purchased a few years ago. HARMAN has a number of brands under its umbrella like Harman Kardon, AKG and JBL. Harman Kardon and JBL both have smart speakers available already that use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So the expertise on the hardware side is there.

It's Bixby that is likely the problem. Bixby has been improving, since it was launched with the Galaxy S8 in 2017. But it is still far behind the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – though some would argue that it is much better than Siri.

However, if it is Bixby that's holding up the Galaxy Home, Samsung releasing the Galaxy Home Mini should also be held up longer. But it's not. It is also possible that Samsung has decided to just go all-in with the Galaxy Home Mini. Seeing as the Galaxy Home is a pretty massive device, and won't be cheap.


The Galaxy Home Mini is a smaller speaker, but not quite as small as the Nest Mini or Echo Dot. And that's because Samsung wants to make sure it still has great audio. That's why AKG is tuning the audio inside the Galaxy Home Mini.

If the Galaxy Home Mini does hit its intended launch date, many of us will be shocked. Given how many launch dates the Galaxy Home has missed, we aren't too optimistic about it.