Galaxy Fold Android 10 Update Could Arrive In February Or March

Galaxy Fold AH 2

The Galaxy Fold, after a few months, could see its Android 10 update soon.

Galaxy Fold Android 10 update could arrive in February or March

According to tipster Max Weinbach, the Galaxy Fold Android 10 update could arrive in February or March. “Probably February,” Weinbach says in his Twitter post, which means that the chances are greater of an early release date than a latter one.

Weinbach is no stranger to the tipster role. He has shared the first real-life images of the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip. He has uncovered five Galaxy S20 models, three of which are 5G, that will come to market. Weinbach has revealed the smaller battery of the Galaxy Z Flip. All these pieces of information reveal that Weinbach has some significant credibility.


February or March: Which month makes sense for a Galaxy Fold update?

A February release date for the Galaxy Fold Android 10 update makes sense. After all, Samsung usually releases the new update for veteran devices around the same time the company announces a new flagship. The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are all set for next month. All three will feature Samsung’s new One UI software tweaks along with Google’s Android 10 release.

And yet, Samsung could wait until March to release it. Why? The reason comes down to the release of the S20 series. Samsung won’t release the Galaxy S20 for purchase until March. Giving Fold owners the new update around the same time frees Samsung of the age-old complaint that it forces Android users to buy new devices to get new updates.

In many ways, Samsung is likely better off releasing the Android 10 update as far away from Google’s new announcement as possible.


Google announced Android 10 last Fall. Now nearing the month of February, there are as few as six months remaining before Android 11 is on the horizon. Complaints against Samsung in the past pertain to the company’s slow system update releases.

Some say that by the time Samsung releases an update, leaks about the new one are available. Samsung is getting better at faster update releases, so there is something positive in it all.

Galaxy Fold users have spent $2,000 for a futuristic phone that is ahead of its time. The last thing they want to do is be “behind the times” in Android system updates.


What can users expect with the Fold’s Android 10 update?

Google’s Android 10 update will bring features such as a system-wide dark mode to the Galaxy Fold, not to mention features such as Live Caption and Smart Reply. Android 10 sees Android users with more control over their location data and their privacy.

Formerly known as Android Q, Android 10’s new name matches Android’s rival operating system, iOS. Android 11 will arrive this Fall with Google’s new Pixel 5 series. Samsung plans to announce a second-gen. Galaxy Fold around the same time. The Galaxy Fold 2 could cost significantly less than its original counterpart from 2019.