European Union Agrees With UK Over Use Of Huawei 5G Equipment

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After yesterday’s announcement by the UK, that Huawei 5G equipment can be used in the country, the European Union issued a statement agreeing with the country.

The European Union agreed with the UK, but still believes that there should be restrictions on high-risk suppliers, which include Huawei. The EU did put out a statement with some guidelines regarding this. Now, individual states within the European Union will still do what they want, but these are guidelines to keep their 5G infrastructure safe.

European Union’s guidelines mirror much of the UK’s decision

It should come as no surprise that the majority of the guidelines set forth by the European Union on Huawei being used for 5G networks, mirrors what the UK announced on Tuesday.


While the EU did not actually mention Huawei, it’s pretty clear that’s the company they were referring too.

The guidelines note that a diversity of vendors is important, which is something the UK is hoping to attempt, with no more than 35-percent of its networks being done by a single vendor.

It will also likely force Huawei to stay away from military and nuclear sites across Europe. As those are seen as vulnerable areas of a 5G wireless network. And that’s where the EU would like to keep Huawei from entering.


It goes against the US’ lobbying efforts

This statement from the EU goes against the US’ lobbying efforts in the past year, where the Trump Administration is seeking an outright ban on Huawei.

After the UK’s decision yesterday, a senior Trump Administration official said  that the decision to allow the use of Huawei’s equipment was “disappointing.”

Huawei, on the other hand, welcomed the UK’s decision and also the guidelines set forth by the European Union. That’s because Huawei is actually going to be able to deploy their 5G equipment throughout Europe. Instead of being outright banned like they are in the US.


Over the past year, the US has tried its hardest to keep Huawei out of its country and its allies’ countries as well. But so far, that doesn’t seem to be working. As Europe is on-board with allowing Huawei to build out parts of their 5G networks. And Canada is likely to do the same. After all, Canada does have a pretty good relationship with Huawei. And it already powers its 4G LTE network in many areas throughout the country – it does power some rural networks in the US too.