European Samsung Galaxy S20 Price Rumored To Start At €900


The European price for the Samsung Galaxy S20 has leaked and is rumored to start at around €900 for the standard 5G model. Though it could also start at €1,000.

Samsung is due to unveil the Galaxy S20 family of devices next month, on February 11, when it holds its next Unpacked event during Mobile World Congress 2020. This is also likely when it will share the official pricing for the different models.

US pricing included. Since Mobile World Congress is held in Spain, the official European price for the Galaxy S20 should be unveiled as well. Until then, these rumored prices give consumers an idea of what they may be able to expect when it comes to cost.


The rumored European price for the Galaxy S20 Ultra could be €1,300

The Galaxy S20 isn't the only price that's been rumored in this leak. The prices for the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are also listed.

For the Galaxy S20+ model the price is rumored to start at around €1,050 – €1,100. Meanwhile the most expensive of the three, the Galaxy S0 Ultra, is rumored to be about €1,300.

Since these aren't necessarily official prices from Samsung itself, the cost in Europe for these three phones could be lower. But having said that, these prices could be fairly accurate as well.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip pricing may be as much as €1,400

In addition to the prices for the three Samsung Galaxy S20 devices, the price for the Galax Z Flip has also been rumored.

This is potentially going to start around €1,400. Max Weinbach from XDA Developers suggests that this price may change before the phone's launch. Which at the moment is still unknown.

With Unpacked coming up Samsung may share the launch date of the Galaxy Z Flip then if it unveils the phone that event along with the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra.


Based on leaks, the Galaxy Z Flip may come with a 6.7-inch display and a 12-megapixel main camera. As well as a hinge that you'll be able to see along with raised bezels. The Galaxy Z Flip will be Samsung's second phone with a folding display.