More Than 31 Million People Downloaded Disney+ In Q4 2019


This is according to Sensor Tower which monitors both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In its latest report, Sensor Tower shows that Disney+ did unprecedented numbers, hitting 31 million downloads in the quarter. Which is more than double its closest competitor, TikTok.

Disney+ launched within the fourth quarter

Remember that Disney+ did launch in the fourth quarter, so seeing it get so many downloads in that quarter is not that surprising. Disney+ launched on November 12. Which really only gave it about six weeks of the quarter to garner these downloads, while its competitors all had the full three months.


It's important to remember that this is when Disney+ launched, as it's not quite an apples to apples comparison when it comes to other apps on this list like TikTok, Facebook Messenger, Amazon, Pandora, etc. As those were all launched well before Disney+. And in many cases, years before.

Screenshot 2020 01 14 at 10 12 34 AM
US Downloads Shows Disney+ at the top – Sensor Tower

But for Disney+ this does show some really important things. Like how popular its service has become in such a short amount of time.

Disney+ has only given us the number of subscribers it has, a few days after launch, and that was at 10 million. It's likely much higher now, but it doesn't really correlate to the number of downloads the app has. As many do share their Disney+ accounts with others in their homes. So if three people downloaded the app, and they all use the same account, it would really only be one user.


The parallels Disney+ draws with Facebook Messenger is impressive

Disney+ is the first app since the Facebook Messenger app in 2017, so gain over 10 million downloads in a single quarter on Google Play.

That's impressive for a couple of reasons. One, because Facebook is just so massive, in fact out of the five most popular apps on either iOS or Android, Facebook owns three or four (depending on the reports you look at) of those apps.

The other reason it's impressive, is because these are paying customers that Disney+ is getting. Unless there's a big number of subscribers that signed up for the free trial and then left. Which is possible. But given the amount of content that Disney+ has, it's likely that the majority have stayed. And given the price is only $6.99, it's a really good deal. With all of the content you're getting here.


If you're one of the few that hasn't signed up, you can still sign up for Disney+ here.