BT Partners With Google On Stadia, Gives Away Free Premiere Bundles

BT Stadia

BT and Google are teaming up for a Stadia collaboration that will see customers receive free Premiere bundles.

There are a couple of catches though. You’ll need to live in the UK and you’ll have to be a BT customer. The free bundles also only come with specific broadband packages, and the deal is only available for a limited time.

Still, this is an effort to bring Stadia to more people and even though the deal won’t last forever, it should gain enough interest to bring in more users to the platform.


BT is giving away free Google Stadia bundles with multiple plans

Free stuff is great, but nothing is technically free here. BT isn’t just going to give you a premier bundle and send you on your merry way while asking for nothing in return.

You’ll need to sign up for one of three different bundles that BT is offering, ranging from different price points and offering different broadband speeds.

The prices start at £39.99 and go up, and include the Superfast Fibre 2, the Ultrafast Fibre 100, or Ultrafast Fibre 250 packages. When choosing one of these to sign up to, BT will let customers take home a Stadia Premier bundle.


This particular bundle offer will only stick around until January 30. However, BT will be offering different packages starting February 7 that will also come with a free Premier bundle.

BT is the first European network to partner with Stadia

Google’s Stadia service has had a little bit of trouble gaining steam, but it is doing so. Slowly but surely.

What would help the situation is broadband networks partnering with Google to offer special packages that center around Stadia. Enter BT. It says this partnership makes it the first European network to partner with Google Stadia.


That’s a big deal for Stadia, as BT is a rather large network and others may follow suit to offer similar plans to their own customers. The partnership couldn’t come at a better time.

Yesterday, Google laid out its plans for Stadia over the next three months. This includes launching some new games, as well as rolling out more features for the service. Some of the bigger changes include wireless support for the Stadia controller when playing from the web (currently it only works if you plug it in via USB C).

Throughout the year, Google also promises to launch over 120 new games for players, with some of them being exclusive titles that you won’t find elsewhere.