Meet The All-Black OnePlus Concept One Prototype


OnePlus has opened a new interview thread on its forums. In that thread, it showed off the all-black OnePlus Concept One prototype. As most of you know, the device was shown off in a Papaya Orange with black accents during CES 2020.

This all-black variant was not shown to anyone during the aforementioned tradeshow. It does look quite appealing, though, at least based on the two images that the company shared. You can check out those images below this paragraph.

The all-black OnePlus Concept One looks much simpler than the Papaya Orange variant

As you can see, the design is the same as on the version the company showed off. Instead of the Papaya Orange leather on the back, this all-black OnePlus Concept One features black leather.


This phone would probably interest the vast majority of people, as the Papaya Orange variant is quite bold. The vast majority of people still aim for simplicity as far as colors are concerned.

OnePlus’ Concept One smartphone will not become available, but its disappearing glass tech will

Unfortunately, though, not a single variant of the OnePlus Concept One will make it to the market. That was made clear several times thus far. The Electrochromic glass that was included on the back of the device, however, will.

This glass makes it possible to hide the camera when it’s not in use, and reveal it when it is. This is actually the same glass that is being used by McLaren for their sports cars.


That technology will make it to a future OnePlus handset, or handsets, but probably not in the OnePlus 8 series. It may arrive to the OnePlus 8T or 9, but we’re only guessing, it remains to be seen.

Now, the person that got interviewed is Kevin Tao, from OnePlus’ Industrial Design Team. He said that the company’s electrochromic glass tech is special because it can switch from invisible to visible extremely fast. It can do that in only 0.7 seconds.

Mr. Tao once again confirmed that electrochromic glass will make it to the company’s smartphones, when ready. Further tests are required, and also some feedback from the users.


Kevin Tao also explained the ND filter feature that this glass brings along with it. “Such a filter blocks light so that it can enable the smartphone to capture scenes that would have been too bright or overexposed otherwise” said Mr. Tao, and that’s the best possible explanation.

You can also enable longer exposure shots in combination with this filter, which will make it possible for you to capture some dramatic effects of various scenes… such as that of running water.

Future OnePlus handsets will introduce leather on the back

Mr. Tao also confirmed that OnePlus plans to introduce leather into its future products. That is also great to hear, even if such a phone arrives in a special edition variant. Not everyone likes slippery glass phones, some people would prefer phones with a leather back.