Beta Invites Have Started Going Out For Shadowgun War Games


The Shadowgun War Games beta invites have started to roll out to players.

This is a closed beta for the game, meaning you would have had to sign up for access if you were interested in checking it out.

The beta will likely last for a few weeks leading up to launch, provided the game launches on time. Based on Madfinger Games' most recent live stream, the goal is to launch Shadowgun War Games on February 16.


Though this date could always change if the developers find something that needs to be fixed, the goal is to launch the game on this date on both Android and iOS platforms.

The Shadowgun War Games beta should run until the launch

Though no confirmation has given from Madfinger Games, it's highly likely that the beta will stay open for players until the game launches officially.

If the studio is able to stick to the launch schedule, then the beta should be open for about a month. All or most of the features should also be accessible during the beta period.


Shadowgun War Games is a 5v5 team battle first-person shooter. Unlike Shadowgun Legends, which is an open-world looter shooter for mobile inspired by Destiny and Destiny 2. It's closest comparison to a game on any other platform is Overwatch, though it has nowhere near the same amount of playable heroes.

There are two modes of play, which are capture the flag and team deathmatch. Both of which are pretty common in just about any FPS game you can find on any platform.

There's no confirmation on an invite cap

Since this is a closed beta, that means Madfinger Games has to invite anyone that wants access. Which was established during the pre-registration period.


The studio hasn't said anything about an invite cap, though it probably has some idea of how many people it wants to invite before it won't let anyone else in. Invites may also go out in waves, so everyone who is planned to receive an invite may not get it today.

If that's the case, then player numbers will be staggered during the beta. Little by little. Once more people have been invited, more people are sure to pop up in matches, too. As there should be more people online at any given time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a beta. which means Madfinger could very well pull the game offline if it needs to implement any fixes or do maintenance. That being said, developers usually warn players about downtime like this.


If you pre-registered for the beta, keep an eye on your email.