Best Of CES 2020: Vizio Elevate Sound Bar

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The Vizio Elevate is a next-level sound bar and its ready to rumble

There are some things at CES that get your attention because it's actually going to be sold, then there are others that are just really cool. The Vizio Elevate falls into the latter.

The Vizio Elevate is a sound bar that is really cool because the left and right speakers can actually rotate for better audio. It also supports Dolby Atmos. And that's why the Vizio Elevate is worthy of a Best of CES award from Android Headlines.

Vizio Elevate will take your entertainment center to the next level

This is a 5.1.4-channel sound bar, that measures in at about 48-inches long. It's a pretty beefy sound bar, even without the wireless subwoofer and dedicated rears that are included. This one really packs a punch.


As mentioned, the left and right speakers on the front of the Elevate do rotate. They will rotate so that they are firing up, instead of directly at you. This only happens when it detects Dolby Atmos or DTS:X content is playing. By doing this, it is able to give you more of a 3D or surround sound effect, which is what both of these technologies aim to do.

Now, because the front speakers do rotate, it's a better idea to mount these below your TV, instead of having it on a table or shelf. Though it is possible, as that's how Vizio displayed the Elevate at CES this week, but it'll look better mounted.

There is also HDMI support, so instead of needing to use a separate remote to control the Vizio Elevate, it can be controlled using your TV's remote.


The best looking sound bar at CES 2020

Sound bars are typically boxy and the focus is more on the audio than the looks of it. But Vizio decided to focus more on the design of the Elevate this year, and it's really noticeable.

The Vizio Elevate is a stunning sound bar. With the front being round, it really gives a unique look, and will look incredible in any entertainment center.

It has that all-aluminum design that looks like it's just floating beneath your TV when it is mounted. Or it can blend right in with the table it's sitting on.


Vizio really stepped up its game when it comes to sound bars this year, particularly with the Elevate. Which is one major reason why the Vizio Elevate won a Best of CES 2020 award from Android Headlines this week.