Best Of CES 2020: Razer Sila 5G Router

AH Razer Sila 5G router awards badge

Razer made one of the more interesting router-related announcements at this year’s CES. Razer showed off its 5G router that is aimed at gamers at CES 2020. 5G is the keyword here, of course, but in addition to that, this router doubles as a mobile hotspot.

Now, do note that this is a ‘concept’ device. We’ve seen a lot of concept devices at this year’s CES, and the vast majority of them don’t have a release date or official pricing. Well, the same is the case with this thing as well. The Razer Sila 5G is this router’s name, and it may not become official anytime soon, or at all, but it sure is an interesting concept, and it managed to secure one of our CES 2020 awards.

Razer’s 5G router that got introduced at CES features a rechargeable battery

So, this is a gaming router. It is designed to offer high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi connection and performance. That is required for a proper online gaming experience, of course. Now, some of you may assume that this thing needs to be plugged in, as it is technically a home router. Well, that’s not the case.


The Razer Sila 5G comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. That feature makes it possible for you to use this router on the go, therefore it doubles as a mobile hotspot. That’s not all, the Razer Sila 5G features four Ethernet ports. Why is that important? Well, it basically makes it possible for you to organize a small-scale LAN tournament or something of the sort. Simply plug in all your computers on this thing, and you’re good to go.

Razer’s FasTrack tech & sleek design

The Razer Sila 5G is equipped with Razer’s FasTrack technology. It is essentially a traffic management tool. Its job is to analyze and prioritize traffic on the router, it’s supposed to do all that automatically.

This router comes with the Snapdragon 855 modem, which is no surprise. It makes it possible for the router to connect to 5G networks, as well as LTE networks. As far as Wi-Fi connectivity is concerned. Razer used the Hawkeye IPQ8072A chip. In other words, this router supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.


As you can see from the provided image, this router looks rather interesting. It’s not a short, wide piece of plastic, but it actually looks like a futuristic Google Home speaker… in lack of a better comparison. It does include Chrome lighting, because of course it does, this is Razer after all. Its design is minimalistic and futuristic at the same time, that’s something we’re used to seeing from Razer.

Razer is expected to share more info when it comes to this router in the near future. We’re hoping that it will see the light of day at some point, the sooner, the better.