Best Of CES 2020: ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift 360 Gaming Monitor Award

ASUS is a brand with a long history in gaming, and now with it’s latest piece of equipment, the ROG Swift 360Hz gaming monitor, we felt it strongly deserved a best of CES 2020 award.

When it comes to gaming PC components, ASUS is usually recognized as a top brand. It produces high-quality hardware and it’s hard to ignore that the design of its stuff looks pretty cool.

With the ROG Swift 360, it’s easy to tell that effort was put into the design. But more so it’s about the functionality of this monitor than anything else, which is perfect for competitive gamers.


This the world’s first 360Hz gaming monitor

Competitive gaming, specifically Esports has reached heights that many would have never dreamed of.

And while there are many parts to competitive gaming that can make or break a win, a refresh rate is perhaps one of the most important. A slow refresh rate, even if just by a few milliseconds, can lead to a loss.

ASUS is keen on providing professional gamers and competitive gaming enthusiasts with a way to gain an edge on the competition. The ROG Swift 360Hz does just that, and brings the refresh to its absolute highest amount so that players have the most smooth experience possible.


The company claims that it produces 50-percent more frames than 240Hz monitors that are currently on the market. That alone makes it a worthy recipient for the best of CES 2020 award. Because it offers something that no other product is offering right now.

And for Esports especially, it’s a very important factor that can help people obtain victory.

A striking design without taking up too much space

Not everyone likes ultrawide monitors. For those individuals, that doesn’t mean a unique and beautiful design isn’t appreciated.


The ROG Swift 360Hz offers a striking design that doesn’t take up too much space. Because it comes in at only 24.5-inches which means it’s a lot smaller than anything that’s ultrawide.

The other benefit here is that it should require as much processing power to hit those higher refresh rates. Because it doesn’t have to produce as many frames on a larger screen space.

That would afford gamers the ability to have more game time with the highest refresh rates possible that their machine would allow.


ASUS really seems to be aiming more at the Esports market with this monitor, and with how big Esports has become along with what this monitor offers, the ROG Swift 360Hz more than deserves the best of CES 2020 award.