Best Internet Speed Testing Apps For Android Users


The speed of an internet connection always becomes something that people are concerned about. No matter how high their usage is, they always seek the internet service that provides them with the best and uninterrupted internet service. You might remember when we used to have an internet connection with a speed of around 5 Mbps. This was one of the higher speeds offered by ISPs some 15 years ago. Now we have more superior quality internet services like 4G and 5G that are very effective for people related to all walks of life.

For people who are more towards streaming their favorite audio/visual content internet speed is something very important. To make sure that you get the internet speeds up to the mark, you can always test your internet speeds using internet speed testing apps and determine whether the internet coverage in your area is adequate or not.

Google Play Store is loaded with different applications for the purpose. Download them using Spectrum internet services. However, there is a high chance that you get an authentic report from many of the following apps.


Speedtest Ookla (Popular and More Advanced Internet Speed Testing App)

This is one of the most popular speed testing apps that you can simply use on your phone and check your internet connection. It is very comprehensive to use and provides speed test results for your connection. You can get information on the download speeds, upload speeds, and the ping time delay of your internet connection.

Also, Ookla helps you if you want to keep track of your search results, which helps you compare the current speed of your internet and helps you determine if your connection has improved or not. Ookla also verifies and troubleshoots your internet connection in case it needs some improvement. If you are getting the same speeds claimed by the service providers then you don't have to give things a second thought.

SpeedSmart Speed Test (A Handy Solution to Test Your Internet Speed)

If you are someone who does not get the internet speed as promised by the internet service provider, this becomes a handy tool for you. It helps you test your internet connection. SpeedSmart is quite exceptional in terms of usability and is quite proficient as well. It helps users to get the optimum results based on a lot of different variables. As a user, you can get information about the download speed you are getting, upload speeds and the networking ping.


FAST (Internet Speed Meter For Bing-Watchers)

You can use FAST while you are watching your favorite movies on the internet. The application shows information on the speeds you are getting and whether these are enough for you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows online without any kind of interruptions. It is provided by Netflix Inc. so if you have an app like FAST on your smartphone, you can get information on different variables including download speeds, latency, the upload speed, your current location, the IP address and other information about your internet connection.

V-Speed Test (Application for Measuring Internet Speeds)

The app becomes a popular pick for Android users and is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to measuring your internet connection speeds. It uses an intuitive and modern application interface that helps you get accurate results when it comes to internet speeds.

Let's say that you are using internet services, you can use V-Speed Test that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi signal finding tool. It also works as a mobile signal finding tool that works amazingly. The application helps you select the default server for speed tests. Also, it can test the download and upload speeds and gets you information on the delays in the ping time. V-Speed helps you if you want some basic information about your internet connection. This includes information on the carrier, the IP address and other information.


Sensorly (Application To See How Long Were You Connected On Your Phone)

If you want to see how long you were connected to the 4G network on your phone, you can always use Sensorly and check the speed of your internet speed using a network coverage map. You can use the tool for both Android and iPhone platforms. It will let you know about the area where you can find internet coverage which becomes quite handy when you are traveling or are always on the toes for an adventure.

Meteor Speed Tester (Speed Tester For Social Media Enthusiasts)

The app is simply mind-blowing when it comes to the purpose of the application. Meteor Speed Tester helps you create posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites before you make a post and ensure that it gets posted smoothly.


You can use any of these apps to make your life easy. Using such apps and tools can always help you determine whether you look for a better location where you can get more coverage, or you are paying the right price for the internet service that you are using or you should switch to a different internet service provider.


Also, these applications are quite handy if you want to determine that you should go for a high-tier package that will be sufficient for you to use. Also, many of these apps are designed for people who love to watch movies and don't like to wait while the screen shows that the video is buffering.