Benji by Hampton Just Made A Smart Deadbolt That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint


It's true. Benji by Hampton just introduced a brand new smart deadbolt and it uses your fingerprint to unlock, at CES 2020.

But that's not the only way that you can unlock this deadbolt, thankfully.

This is the company's first connected lock, and it has essentially thrown in all of the options, when it comes to securing your front door. You'll be able to use your fingerprint, as already noted. But you can also use a code thanks to the keypad, or your physical key. There is also support for geofencing and Voice Assistant control.


Being able to unlock your front door with a fingerprint is both cool and scary at the same time

Fingerprints are pretty secure, much more secure than facial recognition. But it can still be hacked and faked pretty easily. And that's what makes this a bit scary. But it's mostly cool.

Being able to walk up to your front door and place your finger on the lock and unlock it, is definitely some really cool stuff. You'll never need to worry about locking your keys in your house again, because your finger is your key.

BenjiLock by Hampton is super easy to install and program, according to the company. It combines the convenience and high-end security for a versatile door lock that fits your preferences. Beyond just using your fingerprints.


It'll be offered in two styles and three formats. There's the BenjiLock by Hampton Livia Deadbolt which is available in two formats. One sports Connected Home capability for use with WiFi. And then one for a non-connected home, that uses a standalone app and makes it great for areas with limited WiFi resources. Then there is the BenjiLock by Hampton Luca deadbolt which is available in a non-connected version.

These deadbolts can support up to 10 fingerprints and 25 user codes for you to give out to those that live in your home and also neighbors, family and friends. You'll be able to revoke these too, when you wish. Making it a great way to let the house-sitter in when you're away on vacation.

Finally, there's support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Allowing you to use your voice to unlock and lock the front door of your home.


Pricing & Availability

According to the company, the BenjiLock by Hampton Livia and Luca deadbolt prices range from $139 to $229. They will be available in Tuscan Bronze, Satin Nickel and Matte Black.

An exact release date has not been given, as of yet. Benji by Hampton will likely announce the release date after CES.