Belkin Soundform Elite Smart Speaker Doubles As A Wireless Charger


Belkin has just announced a new smart speaker at CES 2020, the Belkin Soundform Elite. Now, this is a rather interesting speaker, as it doubles as a wireless charger.

This device has been announced in partnership with Devialet, and we're looking at a Hi-Fi smart speaker here. The Belkin Soundform Elite is capable of providing high-fidelity sound (up to 90dB SPL of max volume).

The Belkin Soundform Elite comes with Google Assistant support

On top of that, this smart speaker provides fast wireless charging and integration with the Google Voice Assistant.


As part of this partnership, Devialet worked on the acoustic architecture, bringing its patented SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology to the table.

Devialet also provided Belkin with its woofer configuration which cancels any vibrations while ensuring "deep, impactful sound, with implosive bass".

The Belkin Soundform Elite allows you to utilize Qi wireless charging of up to 10W, and it will not sacrifice impactful bass levels in order to do so.


This speaker's design is minimalistic, and it will fit in most households without a problem. This speaker has an egg shape kind of. An egg without its top portion, and in that top portion, Belkin included a wireless charger.

You can simply put your phone on this wireless charging stand, and it will be angled about 45 degrees, so that you can still see what's happening on the phone's display.

It is available to pre-order in two color variants

The Belkin Soundform Elite comes in Black and White color variants. The black model combines black with dark gray, while the white one combines white with light gray colors.


Right in front of the charging stand, you'll notice some touch-sensitive buttons. These buttons allow you to initiate pairing with a new device, enable / disable the built-in microphone, control the volume, and play / pause music.

The company also announced the price tag of this speaker. The Soundform Elite will set you back $299, should you choose to buy it.

The device is already available, but not for purchase. You can currently pre-order this speaker directly from Belkin, and it will ship your way in the Spring 2020. If you're interested, hit the link down below.


Belkin Soundform Elite - $299 - pre-order