AUKEY Intros Extremely Fast Omnia Series Chargers At CES


AUKEY has announced its Omnia series fast chargers at CES 2020. The company claims these are the world’s fastest chargers, by the way.

This a new line of gallium nitride (GaN) chargers, and it features five power delivery (PD) chargers. The company mentioned that these chargers will become available in Q2 2020.

The AUKEY Omnia series chargers are considerably smaller than the competition

AUKEY claims that its Omnia series chargers are up to 66-percent smaller compared to stock MacBook 13 chargers.


The company is introducing OmniaChip, along with this new charger series. This is a new range of integrated circuits (ICs), which are built into all five new chargers that are coming. OmniaChip has been developed in partnership with Navitas, by the way, an inventor of the industry’s first GaN power ICs.

Those of you who are out of the look, GaN is basically next-gen technology. This is a next-gen semiconductor material with 100x the speed of old silicon technology. Says AUKEY.

This new line of chargers also features AUKEY’s proprietary Dynamic Detect technology that maximizes charging efficiency. This new line of chargers will support a broad range of devices, including Google’s Pixel phones, MacBook Pro 2018, iPad Pro, Dell XPS 13, Nintendo Switch, and many more.


The company announced five Omnia chargers at CES 2020

Now, as part of this charger series, AUKEY announced five chargers, including Omnia 61W PD Wall Charger, two different Omnia 65W Dual-Port PD Wall Chargers, Omnia 100W PD Wall Charger, and that very same wall charger with two ports.

The Omnia 61W PD Wall Charger has a USB-C output (PD 3.0), and it supports DC 5V 3A/9V 3A/12V 3A/15V 3A/20.3V 3A. It has a max power output of 65W, as its name says.

The difference between the two Omnia 65W Dual-Port PD Wall Chargers is in their ports. One has two USB-C outputs, while the other has a USB-C and USB-A output.


The only difference between the two Omnia 100W PD Wall Chargers is in their ports as well. One has one USB-C port, the other has two of them.

All of these chargers are black-colored, and we don’t know if AUKEY plans to offer more color variants, or will these be the only offerings.

If you’d like to know more about each charger, like their dimensions, voltages, and so on… check out the images down below. All of these chargers will become available in Q2 2020, both online, and at retail.


AUKEY Omnia series images:

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