Alienware Shows Off Portable Gaming PC Concept Called The UFO

Alienware UFO

Alienware is working on a portable gaming PC concept called the UFO. It's a handheld that comes with a full-fledged version of Windows 10 on it. And it's powerful enough to play the games you might play on a regular desktop or laptop.

Sound like something you might be interested in? At the very least if you find the idea intriguing, and Alienware is hoping you will, the company is officially announcing it tomorrow.

As of right now Alienware has only teased the device on its own Facebook page. It also has a working version of the concept at its booth at CES. There's a lot that's still a mystery though.


Alienware stresses this is a gaming concept, with no price & no release date

Since this is a concept there are many things that could change between now and release. That's assuming there's a release in the first place.

So far this is nothing more than an idea that Alienware is putting into action and testing out. The company wants to make PC gaming portable in the same way that Nintendo has made its console games portable via the Switch.

There's currently no release date for the device, nor is there any price point that Alienware has laid out on the table. That said, Alienware products have never been known for their affordable cost. So don't expect this to be an inexpensive investment if it ever makes it to market.


The company is being silent on the specs

Specifications for the device are a just as much of a mystery as a potential price. However Alienware may talk about the specs during its official livestream tomorrow.

It may also just as easily stay silent on them. The reason being that the UFO is still a prototype device that the company is playing around with.

Alienware may have also chosen to keep quiet about the hardware components inside because at this early stage, hardware might shift. What it's working with in a prototype may not be what ends up in a production model if it does end up launching.


Also worth noting is that it's no small task to take highly demanding games, and make them playable on a portable device such as the UFO. Which means Alienware definitely has its work cut out for it if it continues to run with this vision and work towards a production model.

Still, in the age of portable gaming, there are relatively few good options these days. You have smartphones, which despite the distaste they receive, have gotten quite good. Then you have the Nintendo Switch.

Those are also just the couple options that are already on the market and are still getting new games, and allow downloads of the content. Then you have options like Google Stadia, xCloud, Shadow, and GeForce NOW, which all offer cloud gaming options, but forego local downloads and rely on a constant, fast internet connection to work.


Something like the UFO could allow for portable, powerful, PC gaming that works like any other laptop or desktop.