A Ton Of Samsung 'Galaxy A' Smartphones May Launch In 2020


It seems like a ton of Samsung ‘Galaxy A’ smartphones may launch in 2020. The company has trademarked various ‘Galaxy A’ names.

Samsung may launch up to nine Galaxy A mid-rangers in 2020

This information comes from ‘_the_tech_buy’ Twitter handle. He shared screenshots of all of these trademarks, as Samsung trademarked the following models: Galaxy A12, A22, A32, A42, A52, A62, A72, A82, and A92.

Those seem to be rather odd numbers for smartphone models, but Samsung did something like that already. Of course, these are only name trademarks, just because Samsung secured those names, that doesn’t mean that all of them will reach the marked.


Samsung is expected to introduce quite a few Galaxy A phones this year, though. All ‘Galaxy A’ phones are the company’s mid-range offerings, pretty much, so these devices will probably be as well.

The company had announced three ‘Galaxy A’ smartphones last month. It announced the Galaxy A51, A71, and A01. The Galaxy A51 and A71 are quite compelling mid-range phones, while the A01 is considerably inferior.

The Galaxy A51 and A71 look pretty much the same. They’ve taken a note from the Galaxy Note 10 series it seems, as they have a centered display camera hole. The Galaxy S10 Lite, Note 10 Lite, and S20 are also expected to include such a hole.


Both of those phones come with Android 10, plenty of cameras, and quite compelling mid-range processors. The Galaxy A01 is a bit different, it is an entry-level phone, pretty much.

We currently don’t have any information regarding the specifications of the aforementioned ‘Galaxy A’ devices that got trademarked. As already mentioned, it is quite possible that not all of them will reach the market, and it’s too early to guess what to expect.

Many of the company’s phones in 2020 will include a display camera hole

Samsung seems to be hopping onto the ‘display camera hole’ train, and many of its phones in 2020 will include such a hole. An under-display camera is the next step, but that technology is still not ready.


The Galaxy S20 series, and Galaxy Fold 2 are also expected to include that hole. Samsung is expected to announce three Galaxy S20 smartphones in February, and the Galaxy Fold 2 along with them.

Based on the latest information, from a well-known tipster, the Galaxy S11 will not happen. Samsung opted to ditch the ‘Galaxy S11’ naming, and go with the Galaxy S20 instead.

Also, the Galaxy S20e will not be a thing either. All three Galaxy S20 phones will be quite large, and the ‘e’ model will not launch at all… at least based on rumors. There you have it, not only is Samsung planning to release some flagship models soon, but also quite a few Galaxy A mid-rangers may launch.