A New, Free Tetris Game Just Launched On Android Today


EA may have pulled its versions of Tetris off the Play Store in preparation for taking them offline later this year, but a new, free Tetris game is now available.

This one is published by N3TWORK Inc. in partnership with the Tetris Company. And may be part of the reason why EA is taking its versions offline down the road. It's entirely possible that this game was planned to replace the previously available versions.

No confirmation on that has been given however. What's clear is that this is a more basic Tetris game than the ones EA was offering. Meaning it doesn't have as many features. But it still has some features worth talking about.


A new Tetris game with customization options

One of the features that this game boasts is customization. Specifically, it lets you choose from between five different themes to apply to your game board and 50 different avatars.

You can show off your own personal style with these custom looks. And even if you don't plan to show it off, you can still select from different designs just for you.

The game also features an offline mode. This is intended to let you play the game anytime you want without having to worry about an internet connection. At least that's supposed to be how it works.


Some user reviews in the Google Play comments state that the game gets stuck after trying to play offline. While others say that they have no issues.

A more classic Tetris for the modern era

A lot of players on mobile seemed to really enjoy the versions of Tetris that EA offered, such as Tetris Blitz. That in particular had many features and new ways to play the game.

On the other side of things some people also seem to prefer this more classic version. There's really not a lot of extras beyond the themes and avatars. There's no additional modes or boosts or special items to use.


It's just simply Tetris with newer graphics and a few style options to give the game a more modern look. At the end of the day it's just a single mode version of the popular puzzle game. Which is how it was available originally decade ago.

Though this game is free and it does have ads, you can disable the ads with a one-time in-game purchase. It'll set you back $4.99, but there are no other micro transactions at all.