Pokémon Home To Launch In February With $16 Annual Subscription

Pokemon Home

Pokémon Home is an upcoming cloud service from The Pokémon Company that will finally launch next month.

The official release window is February, though there is no confirmed day yet. The cloud service will also launch with a $16 annual subscription for the premium membership.

There will be options to let users subscribe to premium for a lower fee every month or every three months as well. These prices are set at $3 and $5 respectively.


Pokémon Home will launch for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Nintendo Switch

The cloud service app is geared towards just about every platform where Pokémon games are available. Save for older handheld systems like the 3DS and 2DS. That being said there is a way to get your Pokémon off those systems. You first have to move them to Pokémon Bank, and they can then be moved from PPokémon Bank to Pokémon Home.

The service will launch for Android devices, as well as iPhone, iPad, and the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Once installed the device of choice, players will be able to share and trade Pokémon between devices so they can take them anywhere regardless of the game they started on.

There are multiple ways to trade too. For example, you can create a room that can hold up to 20 people, and anyone who joins the room can trade with each other.

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Another method, called the Wonder Box, allows players to simply place Pokémon in the box and trade with people from around the globe. Pokémon Home doesn't even have to be running for this to work.

Of course you can also trade with nearby friends. You will need to be near them physically, and have added them as a friend in Pokémon Home before you can do this though.

Certain features won't work across platforms

The broader features will work everywhere, but there will be some features that will only work on one or the other.


Players who access Pokémon Home from the Nintendo Switch won't be able to do things like check battle data or receive mystery gifts. But players who use the service on mobile won't be able to exchange Pokémon Home points for battle points.

You can view a breakdown of more of the differences in the images above. In addition to the difference between platforms, there are also differences between basic and premium plans.

Moving Pokémon from Pokémon Bank to Pokémon Home for example requires a premium sub. So if you want to move those Pokémon from a 3DS or 2DS, you'll need premium. There are also limitations on how many Pokémon can be placed in a Wonder Box at one time.


It caps out at three total for basic users, while Premium users can bump this up to ten. If you play Pokémon games on the Switch and/or on mobile devices, look out for Pokémon Home to launch in the next few weeks.