Next Galaxy S Rumored To Be Called Galaxy S20 Officially


Samsung's next device will be whatever the next Galaxy S phone is called, and a new rumor claims that it will officially be called the Galaxy S20.

This wouldn't be the first rumor suggesting that this could be the name, but there are also strong beliefs that it could just as well be the Galaxy S11. In the latter case, it might make more sense, as Samsung would be continuing the naming trend with Galaxy S phones.

It's stuck with the next number in order for every iteration of the Galaxy S line. From the original Galaxy S all the way up to the current Galaxy S10. Moving up to Galaxy S20 would break away from that.


A retail partner is making the claim that Galaxy S20 will officially be the model name

Things to keep in mind here are that this isn't necessarily coming from someone directly inside of Samsung. According to LetsGoDigital, the source of the initial rumor is a European retail partner.

When asked about the model name of the next Galaxy S device, the retail partner stated that they are "100-percent sure" that Galaxy S20 will officially be the model name of the phone coming out this year.

It's also important to remember that this isn't the first rumor surrounding the name. A leak from back at the end of December also claims that Galaxy S20 will be the official model name.


Someone inside Samsung Electronics is reportedly "confirming" the name as well

In addition to the initial rumor coming from a European retail partner, it's also being stated that a second source, this time from someone inside Samsung Electronics, is confirming that 'Galaxy S20' is the official model name.

Unfortunately there's not much more information about this second confirmation other than the fact that they supposedly work at Samsung Electronics.

Though it might seem out of place in the naming scheme, Galaxy S20 could also make sense. The year is 2020, and if Samsung named its next Galaxy S phone the Galaxy S20 then it would be releasing in a year with the same number.


It's clever, and it could help drive sales of the device. Not that Samsung would necessarily need help with in the first place.

The model name also seems to have been confirmed by accessory suppliers

Take it with a grain of salt, but another recent leak about accessory information for the upcoming phone claims to confirm the model name.

The details for the branding come from case suppliers. The information includes names of specific cases for the phone, as well as MPN and UPC numbers, alongside suggested retail pricing.


While none of this may exactly be accurate, it's still worth considering now that more and more rumors about the name seem to be popping up. Samsung will be holding its next Unpacked event in February to showcase its latest and greatest.

This is likely when the company will reveal the next Galaxy S phone to the public.