2020 Will Be A Big Year For Stadia, Complete With 120 Games

Stadia Controller 2

Stadia is going into its first full year in 2020 and it's going to be a big one, complete with new games and more new features.

In 2020 Google is looking to add 120 more games to the Stadia lineup. Those will be tacked on to the already existing games in the library. In addition to the new games, Google is looking to add new features too.

In the Stadia community forums the company has shared a roadmap of sorts that lists of the features for the next three months.


More games for Stadia in 2020 is just the tip of the iceberg

Games are the platform's bread and butter. And right now there are just 27 games to play. Content is king, and Stadia will need to keep up if it wants to compete and hold people's interest.

Google is working on this of course, but games aren't the only thing players are looking for. A wider set of features is something players have been requesting since the service launched. This year, Google is delivering.

In the roadmap, Google has laid out what it plans to make available in Q1. Over the next three months, Stadia will gain support 4K gaming on the web (currently it's only an option for Chromecast Ultra users).


Google is also going to add more Assistant features for web users, and it'll make wireless play with the Stadia controller on the web possible as well. The biggest feature though might be support for more phones.

Google doesn't mention which, but it does state that additional phone support is coming sometime within the next three months.

Over ten games will be exclusives

When it comes to games, exclusives can be a big attention grabber for a platform.


Stadia will get more of these exclusive game titles this year. Google plans for at least ten to be launched on Stadia in the first half of 2020. Though, these will probably be timed exclusives in the same manner as GYLT.

True exclusive titles may not make it to the platform until the games are coming from the Stadia Games & Entertainment in-house studios. And Google mentions that it's working with its partners to share more on these games.

Which means Stadia Games & Entertainment isn't developing them. Still, a fresh roster of exclusives, timed or not will only help Stadia. Especially given the overall amount of games that are landing on the platform throughout the year.