2019 Was A Big Year For Mobile Game Revenue

Call of Duty Mobile screens 1

SensorTower has released a new report which details 2019’s total dollar amount for yearly mobile game revenue.

According to the report, last year was a big one for the industry. Players spent an estimated $61.7 billion on mobile games. The revenue is based on global numbers and across both Android and iOS platforms.

Though, users spent more money on the iOS platform than on Google’s Android. Data shows that Android users made up $24.7 billion of that total number. Meanwhile iOS users spent $37 billion.


Between the two, mobile games made 12.8-percent more than they did back in 2018, where the industry made $54.7 billion.

Mobile game revenue in 2019 was driven by Honor of Kings

The leading game for revenue last year was Honor of Kings, a popular MOBA game from Tencent. This launched under the name of Arena of Valor in the US.

Data shows that the game accounted for $1.43 billion on iOS globally. Meanwhile the highest grossing game on Android was LineageM, which accounted for $691 million. Other games contributed significant amounts too.


2019 game revenue worldwide

Call of Duty Mobile is another smash hit game published by Tencent, which launched in the beginning of October of last year. It also made $87 million in the short time that it was out, reaching that number 60 days after its October 1 release.

Games like Pokémon GO also had a massive year. 2019 was its most successful year for revenue yet, reaching nearly $900 million globally across both Android and iOS. More than half of that money was spent by Android users, making up for $482 million of the $894 million total.


Mobile game download numbers are up as well

Mobile game revenue isn’t alone in its climb. Total global download number for mobile games increased from 2018 to 2019 as well.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this only accounts for first-time installs of a particular game. And not re-installations on the same device should it have ever been uninstalled at one point.

That said, the numbers were up to 42.1 billion installs, which is an overall growth of 6.4-percent from 2018’s first-time install numbers.


These numbers shouldn’t be all that surprising. Mobile gaming has continued to grow due to a number of reasons. For one, more people own smartphones. Which means more access to mobile games, which in turn led to more downloads and ultimately the opportunity for more revenue.

2019 also saw the release of some really great content as well as the launch of some big-name titles, like Call of Duty Mobile and Mario Kart Tour. Both of which were fairly popular. If 2020 is anything like 2019, games will continue to be a big presence on mobile. As will the ability to make money from them.