Your Amazon Echo Can Now Curse At You In Samuel L. Jackson's Voice

Sam Jackson Alexa

Got an Amazon Echo and feel the need for Alexa to curse at you while it answers your questions? Good, because for the small price of $0.99 Amazon will let you pick up Alexa’s latest voice pack – Samuel L. Jackson.

The best part is that it comes with an optional explicit mode that you can enable and disable at your leisure. So when you’re done feeling like you’re being berated and verbally abused, you can simply turn on the language filter and things go back to normal.

The responses are still in Sam Jackson’s voice, but you won’t hear any vulgar language.


Keep in mind this is probably perfect for if you don’t have kids in the home, or if they’re simply not home at the moment. If you have kids, it could be used as a neat little party trick to show friends when the kids aren’t around. Just make sure to disable the explicit mode when you’re done.

Samuel L. Jackson is the first celebrity voice with more to come

Amazon has started a celebrity voice program that will allow users to buy certain voice packs. The first celebrity will be Samuel L. Jackson which is now available to purchase. He won’t be the last though.

The company plans to launch more celebrity voice options that can be purchased for use with its Echo line of speakers. However Amazon doesn’t mention who future celebrities will be.


Once purchased, users will need to “introduce” themselves to the new voice talent. After that there’s just a tiny bit of setup involved, which in this case includes asking if you want explicit language. Disabling this can be done from the Alexa app later on.

You can’t ask Sam to do everything that Alexa would do

According to Amazon the Samuel L. Jackson voice won’t be able to do everything. For instance it’s not compatible with things like skills, reminders, or shopping lists.

Which seems like a shame, because there’s potential for some real winning results by setting up the voice with explicit mode when it comes to receiving reminders. Here’s what you can ask though and get a proper response.


Some examples include asking Sam to wake you up at a specific time, or even sing you a song. You can also ask Sam to tell you funny jokes and you’ll get the responses in his voice.

If you purchase the voice pack it won’t replace Alexa’s voice with Samuel L. Jackson’s, but you can activate it by asking the proper questions. It might be a bit limiting, but it’s probably worth it if you like this kinda stuff and you’re a fan of meme culture.