Xiaomi Mi 10 Android Flagship Will Launch In Q1 2020

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 is the company’s most anticipated smartphone of 2020, and it will arrive in Q1. This information has been confirmed by Redmi’s PR Manager.

Redmi is Xiaomi’s company, and someone in that position is well-informed, that for sure. Xiaomi earlier confirmed that the Mi 10 will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865, but we did not know when will it arrive.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 coming in Q1 2020, but we don’t know when exactly

We did assume that it will be the first or second quarter of the year, but it seems like it will be the first after all. Redmi’s PR Manager did not say when exactly in Q1 2020 will the Xiaomi Mi 10 arrive, though.


The exact date will be confirmed by the company in a month or two, most probably. Other than the Snapdragon 865, the device is expected to support 5G connectivity. It remains to be seen whether Xiaomi plans to announce both 4G and 5G variants, though.

Xiaomi did say recently that it plans to launch up to 10 5G handsets in 2020, and the Mi 10 will definitely be one of them. The device is expected to include a large display, and a high refresh rate display at that.

Several rumors suggested that the device will have a 120Hz display, but it remains to be seen. That will also be an OLED panel, by the way. On the back, the phone may include a 64-megapixel or a 108-megapixel camera, unless Xiaomi opts to go down a different road.


A large battery will be included, along with fast wired and wireless charging. We do not have the specifics yet, though.

Android 10 will come pre-installed on the device for sure, along with the company’s MIUI 11 Android skin. An in-display fingerprint scanner will also certainly be a part of the package as well, an optical one.

The phone’s design is a mystery at this point

In terms of the design, well, we don’t have any info as of yet. The phone is expected to be made out of metal and glass, but we still don’t know what exactly to expect.


The Mi 10 could be the very first phone from Xiaomi to include an under-display camera, though that may be too optimistic. It could include a display camera hole instead, as we’re not sure if Xiaomi’s under-display camera tech will be ready by then.

The device will include thin bezels, there’s no doubt about that. On the back, we’re expecting to see quite a few cameras, at least 3 or 4, if not more.

The device’s design is expected to appear in the near future. The alleged Xiaomi Mi 10 did surface in the past, but those leaks turned out to be false. Therefore, we don’t know what exactly to expect.


Xiaomi Mi 10 launch timeframe confirmation