Wyze Expands Its Smart Home Lineup With A $90 Smart Door Lock


Wyze, the Seattle, Washington-based smart home accessory maker, has announced its latest product, a smart door lock. Aptly named Wyze Lock, the new product joins the company's lineup of affordable smart home gadgets that include smart light bulbs, security cameras, motion sensor kits, and more.

The newly announced Wyze Lock is priced at $90, making it one of the most affordable smart locks one can buy currently. However, the company is making only a small quantity of the locks available through its early access program. Further, it expects to begin shipping only after Christmas. An official launch is set for sometime in February 2020, the company says. This probably has to do with the fact that Wyze Lock debuts just a couple of days after Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year.

Wyze has also announced an optional Lock Keypad that can be used to lock and unlock the door using a PIN code. It isn't currently available to buy but will go on sale alongside the Wyze Lock in February next year.


Wyze Lock: an affordable smart door lock

The Wyze Lock works with most of the existing single-cylinder deadbolts as it only replaces the back of the deadbolt to automate locking and unlocking. Wyze says installation should take just about 15 minutes. The lock runs on four AA batteries, which are also included in the box. The battery life is estimated to be around five to six months.

It requires the bundled Wyze Lock Gateway to connect to the internet for allowing users to remotely control it through the Wyze app. The Wyze Lock Gateway supports up to 10 Wyze Locks and needs to be plugged into an AC outlet within 50 feet from the lock. The lock can also be operated via Bluetooth when power is out.

As for features on offer, the Wyze Lock more than justifies its $90 price tag. To begin with, it is compatible with Alexa, Zigbee, and Google Assistant. Wyze promises to add voice unlocking via Alexa and Google Assistant early next year. The built-in door position sensor can detect whether your door is open or closed. Further, it can lock the door automatically when you head out. It will also automatically unlock the door when you approach it.


Since Wyze Lock doesn't alter the exterior of the door, you can still use your existing keys to unlock it. The Wyze app keeps a full history of the Lock including how it was locked or unlocked, who did it, and when. You can also share Wyze Lock with your friends and family to give them access to your lock.

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Lock Keypad adds to the functionality

The optional Lock Keypad further adds to Wyze Lock's functionality. It lets you open the door using a PIN code. And if someone watches you enter the code, there's a built-in anti-peeping technology to keep your code safe. You can add extra digits before or after your code and Wyze Lock will still unlock.


This programmable accessory also allows guests to open the door using time-based one-time PIN codes. Users can create the codes through the Wyze app and share them with their guests. The Lock Keypad also has a lock button that makes locking the door as simple as clicking one button. You can, of course, always lock and unlock the door via the Wyze app.

The Lock Keypad has an IPX5 rating, so it should easily survive light rain and low-pressure water jets. It also has an LED backlight for night usage. The keypad runs on two AA batteries that should power it for about six months. Wyze has yet to announce the pricing for the Lock Keypad.

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