Verizon Up Rewards Customers For Paying Their Bills


Verizon has another reason for you to switch to the network more people rely on. And it's Verizon UpThis is Verizon’s customer loyalty program, which thanks customers with a variety of rewards, just for being a customer. Monthly.  Weekly.  Even daily. After paying their monthly bill, customers receive a credit to use on a reward of their choice.  Monthly credits can be redeemed for Verizon rewards, such as Device Dollars to apply towards a new smartphone or tablet, extra gigs of data (if you're not on Verizon Unlimited).  They can also claim rewards from their favorite brands including Starbucks, Amazon and AMC.  Credits can also be used to claim Super Tickets to music, and sports experiences. 

Verizon Up

In addition, Verizon Up adds new Bonus Rewards throughout the month that do not require a credit to claim. Customers can choose any or all of the Bonus Rewards they see to take advantage of awesome savings on tech, accessories, and free or discounted perks from brands like Shutterfly, Panera Bread, Uber, and a Starbucks promotional gift card for National Coffee Day in September.  In addition, there are also “local offers,” which can get you discounts and free offers from your local merchants and nationwide chains.


With Verizon Up you can choose your Rewards. 

Monthly credit rewards are refreshed at the beginning of each month.  One of the more popular rewards that members choose is Device Dollars. 

With Device Dollars, you can claim “dollars” each month to bank and accumulate for up to 24 months to use towards your next smartphone purchase through Verizon.  Device Dollars are available each month within the Verizon Up section of My Verizon App.  So when you are ready to upgrade your smartphone, Device Dollars are there for you! 

Verizon Up’s Super Tickets offer members the opportunity to attend top sporting and music events and once- in-a-lifetime, VIP experiences. These include NFL tickets, VIP Super Bowl experiences, concerts for popular music artists and festivals, dining experiences and more.  Thousands of lucky members in Miami and New York were recently treated to private concerts – Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello – exclusively for Verizon Up members.    


How do I sign up for Verizon Up? 

All you need to do is be a Verizon Wireless customer, and then sign into the My Verizon app*. Inside the My Verizon app, you'll see "Verizon Up" appear in the slide-out menu on the left. Tap on Verizon Up Rewards, then you'll see what rewards are available, as well as your monthly credit when it appears.  The rewards in the first carousel require a credit.  Bonus Rewards are available next, and the Local offers which will ask for your zip code. The track and use tabs let you save claimed offers for a future use and track what you've already redeemed. If you're not a Verizon Wireless customer already, well what are you waiting for? Verizon Wireless has Unlimited plans to Mix, Match and Save starting at $35 per mo** for 4 lines on Start Unlimited, and also offers all of the latest and greatest smartphones. From the Google Pixel 4 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.  *Must agree to VZ Up terms **plus taxes and fees, when you enroll in Auto Pay