Ulefone Is Giving Away 10 Smartphones & 10 Wireless Chargers


Ulefone has just announced its Christmas giveaway. Ulefone is planning to give away 10 smartphones, and 10 wireless chargers as part of this Christmas giveaway.

Ulefone is giving away 20 products as part of its Christmas giveaway

To be more specific, Ulefone is giving away two Armor 7, Armor 6S, Armor 3W, Armor X6, and Armor X5 smartphones. In addition to those 10 phones, The company will also give away 5 Ulefone UF001 and five UF002 wireless chargers.

This giveaway is being conducted via the gleam widget that is available via this link. It is also worth noting you’re not limited to a single entry, as there are various categories that you can get points in.


You have a number of ways to enter this giveaway. Just follow the link we’ve mentioned, and you can add a phone of your choice to the cart.

That is one entry right there. The second entry can be won by following Ulefone on Facebook, while the third one can be won by following @UlefoneMobile on Twitter.

You can also get an entry by retweeting @UlefoneMobile, and one by visiting Ulefone on YouTube (and subscribing). The last entry mentioned on the company’s website requires you to follow the company on Instagram.


You can unlock quite a few additional entries

If you clear all those steps, the gleam widget will unlock 35 more entries for you. So you will be able to get a lot more chances to win that way.

There are over 19,000 entries claimed already (at the time of writing this article). This giveaway had kicked off recently, and will wrap up in 9 days.

Now, in case you don’t win anything once this giveaway wraps up, or you’d like to purchase one of the company’s phones as we speak, quite a few of them are now discounted.


The company is running a huge sale on its smartphones. The Ulefone Armor 7 can now be yours for $369.99, while the Armor 6S is priced at $277.99.

The Armor 3W has been discounted to $237.99, while the Ulefone 5S costs $159.99 as we speak. There are quite a few additional discounts available via the company’s website.

If you’re interested in either participating in the giveaway, or purchasing some of Ulefone’s discounted smartphones, click the link down below.


Ulefone's Christmas giveaway