T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10/10+ Get Android 10 Update For The Holidays


T-Mobile customers with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ are now receiving an update to Android 10, just in time for the holidays. The update, reported by SamMobile, bears a number of smaller changes to the device. That includes an overlay update to OneUI version 2.0, following a similar update to the same devices over on Verizon and across other carriers around the globe.

This update revolves primarily around user-facing tweaks, some of which are significant. For instance, the Device Care Menu, notification delivery system, and lock screen are being tweaked to offer a better experience. On the former front, Samsung is adjusting the applet to show more detail about each of the metrics it tracks. There will also be a new section for device security.

Notification changes are also on the more significant side of things. Samsung is reducing the size of those for a cleaner, less disruptive experience. Meanwhile, lock screen wallpaper colors are autodetected in OneUI 2.0. That means that the information on the lock screen can now be more easily read.


All of that arrives alongside the Android Security Patch update, bringing the system to the December 1, 2019 version.

What's arriving on the Android side?

Relatively big changes are head in on the Android 10 side of the equation too. Of course, most of the features found in stock Android should make their way over in one form or another. But users will be getting a couple of changes with Dark Mode and Digital Wellbeing too.

For Dark Mode, Samsung is delivering the ability to adjust the brightness of the devices' display at night. That will save battery and reduce eye strain for users. Included in that adjustability is everything from images to text, with the system automatically dimming hues of on-screen colors.


Focus Mode lets users pause apps as well as tracking usage and managing screen on time. The productivity-focused addition to Digital Wellbeing means that users will have more granular control over how much time they spend on their devices. It also means they'll have more control over what they're doing during that time.

Both features are user-controlled, so Samsung and Google aren't forcing their use. Instead, users will have the power to adjust each new feature themselves.

You can get the update now on this year's best flagship

The larger of the two devices in question, the Galaxy Note 10+ is actually this year's Reader's Choice Award winner at Android Headlines. So the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were already great devices and the update to Android 10 should only make that better.


To download the update is a straightforward process too. Users on T-Mobile, or on Verizon if the update still hasn't arrived there, simply need to open up their Settings app. From there, scrolling down the page reveals a "System updates" option a few slots up from the bottom.

Within that setting, Samsung has embedded a "Download and install button, with details about the last time it was checked laid out underneath. Tapping that will check for an update and prompt the user to install it if one is available.