The Stadia 'Stream Connect' Feature Launch Happens Tomorrow

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Stream Connect is a new feature coming to Stadia and its launch happens tomorrow. Earlier this morning Google confirmed the launch of a few new games on the platform.

The announcement was made in the Stadia community forums. The more important detail is that one of those new games is Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the feature will be launching alongside that game.

This isn’t the first time Google has mentioned Stream Connect. In fact it’s been one of the more sought after features that Google promised would be available at launch. And now it’s finally here.


The Stream Connect launch on Stadia is only for Ghost Recon Breakpoint

For now, Stream Connect will only work with one game. Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

While the feature will be here tomorrow with the launch of the game, it’s important to remember something. Features on the platform have to be supported by the developers.

Meaning that Stream Connect won’t show up for any games unless it was baked into the Stadia version of it by the developers themselves. Chances are that in due time of course, games which don’t currently have it may end up getting patched to include it.


Down the line, any games which support multiplayer could be the most likely candidates for something like that.

The feature is meant to be used with multiplayer

Stream Connect was designed to be used in multiplayer setups. So you won’t be seeing it in use during single player environments.

The reason being because the very feature itself was built to allow users to stream the screens of their teammates onto their own screen. The feature will support streaming up to three screens at once.


So for games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint it’s perfect. It would also fit quite nicely with Borderlands 3, which allows multiplayer co-op. It hasn’t been announced for BL3 though.

All that aside, you probably don’t want to use the feature when playing Stadia games through your Pixel. Streaming those screens isn’t likely to look as good on such a small display. Not to mention it would only serve to take up more room for your own gameplay visuals.

You already have a limited amount of screen space, so that’s something worth keeping in mind. It’s also important to point out that Stream Connect may not even work on anything but Chromecast Ultra for the beginning. Perhaps PC.


But like with the other features, such as Google Assistant and the screenshot button, use on the Pixel phones may not work right away.