'Stadia Savepoint' Is Google's New Way Of Informing Users


Stadia Savepoint is a new sort of update blog that Google is going to be doing in the future.

It seems intended to update the community on things going on with the service. It's also a multi-pronged approach to completing that task. As Google already now works diligently to inform users in other ways.

Google employees will post updates about Stadia in the official Stadia subreddit from time to time. There's also now the Stadia Community forum. Where Google will post details about upcoming Stadia features or changes.


Now there's also Stadia Savepoint, which makes its home on Google's 'The Keyword' blog.

Stadia Savepoint is about recapping information from the past month

With Savepoint, Google's intent is to take the entire current month's collective of information and relay it in one place.

This way users won't have to search for all of the details of what went down over the past month with the service. This serves as a way for Google to compile all of the recent details into one post and make it available to users. Which saves time.


Google puts it best when it says that it can be easy to miss a few things about what happened. Even the most excited Stadia users might not be checking every post about every key thing day in and day out.

The point being that Savepoint now gives everyone a way to see the important information in clear detail.

Savepoint generally won't include new information about upcoming stuff

If you're expecting new information about upcoming changes in the Savepoint posts, you shouldn't be. Google has normal blog posts reserved for that. Though they do tend to pop up on The Keyword as well, just in their own posts.


Google will also post upcoming changes to the platform on the community forums, or in the subreddit. Savepoint seems to be strictly for taking all of that and whittling it down to just the big things, and displaying it.

For example, some of December's biggest updates to Stadia came in the form of the recent update to the existing Chromecast Ultra units. This update allows users to connect older Chromecast Ultras to Stadia for playing games.

The post also mentions the games which came out this month, which are Darksiders Genesis, Borderlands 3, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Alongside that last title was the highly anticipated Stream Connect feature.


And of course there's today's news about Stadia Games & Entertainment acquiring Typhoon Studios and integrating them into the Stadia Games & Entertainment team. Long story short, Savepoint is your one-stop shop for everything Stadia that happened in the past few weeks.

Google says there will be future Savepoint blog posts as well. So look forward to seeing them towards the end of every month.