Stadia Prepares For The Holidays With Pop-Up Stores Worldwide

Stadia Gamescom

Google is about to give people a really great way to check Stadia out for themselves without having to really buy anything first.

A new post on the Stadia Community forums earlier this afternoon states that the company will be opening up worldwide pop-up stores for Stadia for the holidays.

This will allow interested consumers who haven’t been keen on buying into the platform and service without trying it a way to see what it’s really like.


Granted, experiences at those pop-up stores will vary from what they may be like in each individual’s home, but it should help to dissuade some fears over things not working as they should more times than not.

There will only be three stores to go to

If you’re looking to rush out and go to one of these pop-ups the moment they open, you may be out of luck.

That’s because Google is only going to be opening three locations, each one in a different city. The reason they describe this as a worldwide thing is because each city will be in a different part of the world.


One will be in Los Angeles, one will be in London, and the third one will be in Paris. Hence this being a worldwide opening. Since these are pop-ups, they won’t be staying open forever, so if you’re curious to check one out do so before they shut down.

Open for business beginning December 11

If you’re wondering exactly when to show up, December 11 is the first day that the stores will open in both Los Angeles and London. The Paris pop-up won’t be opening until December 13, so if you’re in the area you’ll have to wait a couple days longer.

Almost as important as the day of opening is that the pop-ups will only stay open for one day. That means if you plan to go, you will need to go within the time window that Google has set up.


Doors will open at each location in their respective cities at 12PM local time. They will stay open till 8PM that evening, so you will have nearly half a day to check the pop-up out.

Aside from the ability to see how Stadia functions in person, you’ll be able to get some nice little rewards for attendance. So there’s more incentive to show up.

For example, anyone that shows up will get free holiday snacks. The more exciting bit though is the free swag, as well as the opportunity to meet up with YouTube creators and play games with some of the Stadia team. So if you’re interested in any of that, you may want to mark your calendars.