Stadia Games & Entertainment Brings On Typhoon Studios

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Stadia Games & Entertainment has just added to its roster, having announced that Typhoon Studios is joining the team in Montreal.

If you’re not familiar with Typhoon Studios, you’d be forgiven for drawing a blank. That said, you may be familiar with the studio’s upcoming game. It’s called Journey To The Savage Planet, and it comes out on January 28.

Interestingly enough, the game has only been confirmed for three platforms. And, Stadia isn’t one of them. Journey To The Savage Planet will be launching on PS4, Xbox One, and The Epic Game Store.


Typhoon Studios upcoming game may come to Stadia

There is a chance that Journey To The Savage Planet could come to Stadia in due time. Given that the studio will now be part of the first in-house Stadia studio. No announcements about its arrival on Stadia have been made though.

For the time being, Stadia Games & Entertainment lead Jade Raymond has stated that there will be a focus on integrating the Typhoon Studios team.

Everything for Journey To The Savage Planet is also still on schedule. Meaning there are no plans to change the launch date and it’ll release on the confirmed platforms on January 28.


A bid to amp up the in-house game production

Following the announcement of the first Stadia game studio, Google noted that it was going to be working hard on first-party games.

This is a step towards realizing that goal faster. And it should help in multiple ways. For example, Stadia Games & Entertainment will now have more people on staff. This means more people to devote to tasks for game development.

It also means a wider range of talents and ideas filled with creativity. Journey To The Savage Planet is a space exploration game and no doubt took some wildly creative ideas to bring it to fruition.


That bodes well for Stadia’s first studio and any of its upcoming games. Still, there’s no word on what types of games will come from the studio first. Or when they’ll be launching.

It was only just earlier this Fall that Stadia Games & Entertainment was announced. With plans for at least two more studios each in a different region. It could likely take at least a year or two before the studio is able to pump out at least one game.

Which means for now, Stadia will be relying on the releases from third-party studios and publishers.