Stadia By The Numbers – How Many People Are Playing Destiny 2?


Stadia Destiny 2 players seem to be in decline, based on recent numbers from via the Charlemagne bot in Discord.

To clarify, this is only in comparison to numbers that were checked as of November 21, which was just two days after Stadia's official launch. I haven't personally checked the numbers in weeks.

Because, well Stadia isn't my main platform and there's always someone for me to play with via Steam. So, there's no comparison to how many players there were a few days ago, and I have had no real reason to check other than for sheer curiosity.


It's that curiosity that has led to wondering how many people are currently playing the game on Stadia.

And unfortunately the numbers are extremely low compared to other platforms. Still. Even a month and a half later. This is in no way an attack on Stadia or a statement that the platform has a low number of users.

There's no official way to check as a curious consumer how many users Google now has for the platform. But if you're an avid Destiny 2 player and you want to play on Stadia more often, it's important to know how many other people are playing that game alongside you.


What's the number of Destiny 2 players on Stadia?

As of right now, there are 11.6 thousand players overall on Stadia. Charlemagne further breaks down how many of those players are engaging with which activities that are offered.

The bulk of players are engaging with standard PvE content. PvE means players vs environment, and generally lumps in content like patrols, story missions, and just running around the Tower or other destinations.

Out of the 11.6 thousand players total, 10.4 thousand of them are playing strictly PvE content. This is somewhat grim news for anyone looking to do any other activities. Such as Gambit, Crucible, Raids, and the like.

Destiny 2 Player Population 4
Current Destiny 2 player population on Stadia

Unless you and your entire clan are on Stadia, chances are you're going to either have long wait times for finding a party, or have to forget about doing certain content for the time being.

More than likely it'll be the former. Since there are tools to help you find other players to do content with. When it comes to Crucible, the PvP multiplayer modes, there are 1.95 thousand people playing out of the total number.

1.06 thousand people are playing Gambit, and a mere 439 are doing raids. Finally there's 1.22 thousand people engaging with the ongoing current event. 'The Dawning' started on December 17 and will continue until January 14.


So until then, you'll likely see plenty of on Stadia who play Destiny 2 doing event content. Most of which can be done solo.

Destiny 2 player numbers on other platforms in comparison to Stadia

The amount of people on Stadia playing Destiny 2 is low simply because there just aren't as many people with Stadia compared to other gaming platforms.

At least that's one reason. Regardless of that though, how many people play on other platforms in comparison to Google's cloud gaming service? A lot of people. In fact most of them.


For example, the largest amount of people play on Steam. The overall number sits at 456 thousand, with 240 thousand of those actively playing Crucible matches.

PlayStation 4 has the second largest player base for the game with 450 thousand players. Meanwhile Xbox One players are sitting at 325 thousand.

The unfortunate part about this is that if you play on Stadia, it'll be hard to find people to party up with.


This means longer queue times for finding matches. Anyone who's played Final Fantasy XIV and had to wait almost half an hour to find a party as a DPS knows how boring this can be.

Granted the wait times have never been that long for me personally with Destiny 2 on Stadia. But the potential is certainly there for a bit of a wait. Luckily, there are tools to find more players should you need some help.

You can sign into the Destiny 2 app and link your Stadia account, then check the Fireteams tab for people who are looking to setup a party. Alternatively you can set up your own then wait for people to join you instead. The point is, you have some options for finding other players. Even if there aren't that many yet.


How to check the current player base at any time

First things first, you'll need Discord. After that, you'll need a Discord server and you have to tie Charlemagne into it. Charlemagne is the tool and it's a huge help for all kinds of things regarding Destiny 2.

You can even use it to set up events for running content and people can commit to joining right from the event creation so it keeps log of who can attend and who can't.

Once you have Charlemagne set up, you can type direct messages back and forth to Charlemagne and one of the commands is checking the player numbers. To do this, simply type !pop stadia into the chat box and hit enter. Charlemagne will give you the results right back, complete with the date you checked. That's it.