Spotify Extends New Holidays Home Mini Giveaway To Paid Subscribers

Google Home Mini NEW AH 1

Spotify is once again doing a giveaway a free Google Home Mini, this time just in time for the holidays. That’s according to widespread reports and, just like earlier giveaways conducted by Spotify, this one is wide open for subscribers. Barring just a few caveats, any Premium Spotify account is eligible.

The only drawbacks here start with the fact that users who received the previous giveaway codes don’t qualify. The account in question can’t be part of any ‘re-engagement’ offers either. Namely, those are offers put forward by the company to prompt a user to re-engage with its premium paid services.

Checking eligibility is easy. Just as with the last offer, users simply need to sign in to the Spotify Premium website whether they’re on an individual, family, or student account.


What are you getting with this Spotify holiday giveaway?

Now, the Google Mini device in question is not the newest version of that gadget. As noted above, this appears to be a part of an effort to partner up and get rid of old stock. But that doesn’t mean this is a bad deal at all. Google Home Mini still serves as an excellent way to interact with Spotify, Google, Google Assistant, or any number of other apps.

The new $35 replacement to the Google Home Mini is a slight upgrade from the original and doesn’t offer too much by way of upgrades either. So this is still a very good deal.

The original device is exactly as it sounds. It is a slimmed-down, circular variant on Google’s original Home smart speaker. It isn’t quite as loud or as high-quality in terms of audio. Bass thump with this speaker isn’t great either. What it does do, is to allow control of smart home products and services by voice or media playback.


For instance, Google Home or Nest Mini serves as a great small speaker for a bathroom or kitchen, especially paired with other Google Home or Nest-branded speakers. Of course, in a pinch, it serves in effectively any other need for a smart speaker too.

Paired with Spotify, it allows easy voice control over music playback. That’s in part thanks to the fact that the speaker houses multiple mics for far-field voice recognition even with music playing at nearly full volume.

When does this offer come to an end and is anybody else eligible?

For now, it isn’t just standard accounts that qualify for the free Google Home Mini device giveaway from Spotify either. Student Premium accounts are also eligible. So users who didn’t take part in the previous offer can still do so, even if they are paying a discount for being a student.


There’s no set term for the giveaway as of this writing. Instead, Spotify is basing the giveaway timeframe on supply. Again, that implies that these may be holdovers from the previous giveaway partnership with Google. Codes will also have to be redeemed by January 15 of next year.

So for those who are interested, getting signed into Spotify to go and claim the offer is going to be imperative to get done quickly.

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