Sony's 2020 Flagship Will Probably Include A Display Camera Hole


Sony will release at least one new flagship smartphone in 2020, and that phone may include a display camera hole. This information is based on a recent patent from the company.

This patent was submitted with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) back in March this year. The patent has been granted earlier this month, on December 19.

This is actually a patent for a new graphical interface, but it includes a reference smartphone design with it. Now, you’ll notice that the bottom bezel is there, while the top one is almost non-existent.


Sony’s 2020 flagship will probably include either a display camera hole, or a notch

So, that pretty much suggests that Sony’s upcoming phones will include either a display camera hole or a notch, including the company’s 2020 flagship. An inclusion of a display camera hole is more likely, though. Sony almost certainly will not introduce a phone with a pop-up camera, at least not a flagship-grade one.

Truth be said, Sony did not share a sketch of a phone with a display camera hole, but Letsgodigital created a render based on Sony’s sketch. That display camera hole may not be centered, but chances are it will be included.

Sony is obviously looking for a way to trim down those bezels. Its smartphones have never been shy when it comes to bezels, but that may change in 2020.


Sony’s next flagship is expected to arrive in February. The company introduced the Xperia 1 in February last year, at MWC 2019. Well, its successor may follow at MWC 2020, but we don’t know what will it be called yet.

Sony may opt for the Xperia 2 name, or Xperia 1 (2020), maybe. The Xperia 2 may seem logical, but the company introduced the Xperia 5 as a more compact variant of the Xperia 1 this year, so… logic doesn’t really have much to do with Sony’s naming, it seems.

Under-display camera probably won’t be included

Now, we’ve talked about notches, display camera holes, and pop-up camera, but what about under display cameras? Well, some of you may expect an under-display camera on Sony’s upcoming flagship, but that’s highly unlikely.


OPPO and Xiaomi have been working on such technology for a while, and even demoed it. We’re sure that many other companies are developing such tech as well, but chances are that Sony won’t be first to introduce it.

Sony is a huge company, but Sony Mobile hasn’t really been that progressive when it comes to trying out new tech in the past. There is always a chance that Sony has been working on such tech in secret, and plans on introducing it during MWC 2020, but it seems too early, even if it’s true.

In any case, Sony’s 2020 flagship will probably include a display camera hole, and be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 SoC. The device will probably include an OLED display with a 21:9 display aspect ratio, and ship with Android 10.