Android 9 Pie Update Heading Out To Select Sony Android TVs

Sony Android TV 01

Sony is about to roll out the Android 9 Pie Android TV update to some of its TVs.

The company confirmed the update is rolling out in December.

Along with Pie, the update also adds some other useful features, including Dolby Atmos support.


Android 9 Pie incoming to Sony TVs

Sony has now confirmed an Android 9 Pie update will begin heading out to select Sony Android TVs soon.

At present, the only TV models scheduled to receive the update are the 2019 XBR Z9G series, the XBR A9G series, the XBR X950G series and the XBR X850G series.

Sony has not provided any additional information on other Sony TV models.


The announcement states the updates are set to “begin December 2019” without providing any specifics on whether the process has actually started.

Either way, Sony has confirmed the update will be rolled out in stages and therefore, not all users will get the update at the same time.

Following NVIDIA, this makes Sony one of only a few companies that have rolled out an Android 9 Pie update to their Android TV devices.


NVIDIA started rolling out its Android 9 Pie update to the SHIELD TV line of set-top boxes back in July.

More than just Android 9 Pie

Besides bringing the main features and benefits associated with Android 9 Pie, Sony has also confirmed the update includes some other notable upgrades.

The first of which is Dolby Atmos support. On this point, Sony says that following the update, “the TV speakers can now playback Dolby Atmos.” Adding, that “on the Sound mode compatible models, the Sound mode will switch to Dolby Audio by the software update automatically.”


Another of the incoming benefits is support for Apple AirPlay and Homekit. Again, Sony states that following the update users will be able to “stream movies, music, games, and photos to your TV right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.”

Another of the listed changes is the use of a picture-in-picture mode when in the TV guide. For example, Sony says that a small window will now be visible and showing the current program when a user is in the program guide.

Additional mentioned improvements include a responsive LED when the “OK Google” command is used, and the addition of a pass through mode for use with a home theater setup or soundbar.


Sony also notes that there’s also a new “restart” feature in the settings which can be accessed by holding down the power button on the remote and then selecting the “restart” option.