Smaller Galaxy Fold 2 Battery Gets Certified In Korea


The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to include two battery packs, just as its predecessor. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold 2 battery packs will not be exactly the same.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to sport one larger, and one smaller battery. Well, that smaller battery pack just got certified in Korea, it seems.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will sport two battery packs

The EB-BF701ABY battery got certified. The other battery is expected to be the EB-BF700ABY, by the way. The Galaxy Fold 2's model number, on the other hand, is SM-F700F, and the phone's codename is 'Bloom'.


The battery that got certified obviously belongs to the Galaxy Fold 2, based on its 'F701' tag. This battery had surfaced on the SafetyKorea website, and even the image of the battery appeared.

Unfortunately, text on that image is unreadable, so we cannot see the details, such as its capacity. Battery capacity is not mentioned in the listing either.

Rumors are claiming that this will be a 900mAh battery. The EB-BF700ABY battery will be larger, but we're still not sure how much larger.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive in February, along with the Galaxy S11 series. That is, at least, what happened in the case of the Galaxy Fold, as that device launched alongside the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung may opt to switch things up next year, though. The company may opt to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 during a separate event, not in line with its Galaxy S11 flagships.

In any case, Samsung already teased the Galaxy Fold 2. During a Developer Conference in October, Samsung showcased a schematic model of the Galaxy Fold 2.


The device will fold vertically

That revealed that the phone will fold vertically, not horizontally like the Galaxy Fold. That was only a concept image, and the final product may look a bit different.

The company also showed off its One UI for foldables during that Developer Conference. Samsung means business when it comes to foldables, as it is looking to push the technology forward as soon as possible.

The Galaxy Fold is a really fragile smartphone, and that is one of its main issues. Samsung will probably look to improve upon that with the Galaxy Fold 2. It remains to be seen what will that phone bring to the table exactly, but you can expect various improvements over the original, and also high-end specs.