Seems Like Google Photos Is About To Get A Video Zooming Feature


XDA Developers now reports that a new feature is probably coming to Google Photos. The publication discovered video zooming while prodding through the Google Photos version 4.33.

As you might have guessed, this feature will allow you to zoom into video clips. This means that you will be able to use the pinch gesture to view a scene that interests you in more detail. It can also be useful if a video has a lot of subjects and you want to focus on something particular.

The Zoom Feature Is Not Live On Google Photos Yet

Of course, this feature hasn't been released yet. It was discovered through an APK teardown and has not been implemented yet. We don't know if or when Google will make it official. For now, it seems like the search giant is testing it. And if it's being tested, we can expect it to arrive soon with an update.


On the other hand, there is also a chance that the feature will not get past the testing phase. However, since it looks useful, hopefully that Google rolls it out soon.

As you probably already know, Google Photos saves your media in the cloud. The Mountain View-based company has been adding new features to it recently to make it more useful. For instance, the app got a new account picker recently. When you tap the avatar, all the Google accounts on your phone are shown as well as the backup status.

Similarly, there is a new "Skipped suggestions" option. It will show all the automated creations that were made from your pictures that you dismissed. This is great for getting back the creations you thought you didn't need previously


Other than that, Google Photos now also has a share option. It allows you to send a message with a photo to a person who also has Photos on their phone. In fact, the whole thread can even be turned into a conversation. Essentially, this makes Google Photos more of a social application. It can be a big deal for the internet giant and help it attract more users.

Google Photos Has Become Really Popular Since Its Introduction in 2015

No matter what Android phone you use, you can count on Google Photos to have all the pictures you took. That's because it automatically backs up all the images and videos, provided you haven't toggled the option off. Of course, it also helps that the company provides free online storage. The app is also popular amongst iPhone and iPad users.

Google Photos is the company's ninth product to reach 1 billion users. If you are wondering, Android, Chrome, Gmail, Drive, Maps, the Google Play store, YouTube, and the company's search engine had previously crossed this number. Needless to say, the photos app has a lot of potential. Adding new features is a surefire way to get more people hooked to it. And then, it can compel people to use products of the company, like Drive for instance, and boost revenue.


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