Samsung Has Sold 1 Million Galaxy Fold Units Thus Far


Samsung has sold 1 million units of its first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. This information got shared by Young Sohn, Samsung Electronic's President.

He shared this information during an event in Berlin, Germany. Now, those of you who have been following the news know that back in October, a report suggested that the company sold 500,000 Galaxy Fold units.

Samsung sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units, and got a lot of feedback from users

The company's president said that Samsung managed to get a lot of feedback regarding the Galaxy Fold. That will surely help the company to improve its successor, which is slated to arrive in Q1 2020.


Mr. Sohn was asked by Tech Crunch whether the company feels comfortable selling a $2,000 phone that is essentially a beta device. Mr. Sohn was fast to respond with "yes", while pointing to the sales number of the device as his justification.

Now, reports are claiming that the company is planning to sell at least 6 million foldable devices in 2020. That would require Samsung to lower the price tag of its upcoming foldable handset quite a bit.

Well, if rumors are to be believed, that will happen. The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to cost well under $1,000, if the rumored info is accurate. One report suggested that the device will be priced at $850.


It will be interesting to see whether Samsung can hit that price tag next year. Samsung may actually release more than one foldable next year. Both vertically-folding and horizontally-folding devices are in two, as per rumors.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is probably coming in February

The Galaxy Fold 2 will probably land in February. The company is rumored to announce its flagship Galaxy S11 series of devices on February 18. Reports are claiming that the Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive on that very same day.

That would not be surprising at all, as the original Galaxy Fold launched alongside the Galaxy S10 series. Whatever the case may be, both the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 are expected to arrive before MWC 2020 kicks off.


The Galaxy Fold 2 will fold vertically. The company shared some images of the concept Galaxy Fold 2 device quite recently, and it's possible the real deal will resemble it.

The device is expected to offer rather thin bezels, and a centered display camera hole. Samsung may also utilize a different hinge this time around.

All in all, we'll see quite a few foldable devices next year. Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola already announced their offerings, while Xiaomi, OPPO, and a number of other companies are expected to do the same in 2020. Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola are expected to announce their second-gen foldables next year, of course.