Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 To Be More Affordable Than You Think

Samsung Galaxy Flip Fold SDC2019 promo video

Samsung had already teased the arrival of the second-gen Galaxy Fold, and a new report just shared its price tag. If this new report, that is coming from Korea, is to be believed, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be quite affordable.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may cost only $850

The information comes from The Korea Herald, which received the info from “industry sources”. The Galaxy Fold 2 may be more affordable than the Galaxy S11+, as it is said to cost $850.

This is considerably lower than the Galaxy Fold, which is priced at around $2,000. Even with that high price tag, the company managed to sell 500,000 units, allegedly.


Well, Samsung is expecting that this lower price tag will ensure considerably more success for the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung is hoping to sell up to 6 million foldable smartphones in 2020, and the Galaxy Fold 2 will be the company’s frontrunner.

The report also mentions that the company may release an improved version of the original Galaxy Fold in H2 2020. So, Samsung may release both vertically and horizontally-folding foldable devices in 2020.

That’s not all, though. The report also suggested a launch timeframe for the Galaxy Fold 2. As many of you expected, this device is said to arrive in February.


Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy S11 series in February, prior to MWC 2020. Well, it seems like those devices will share the spotlight with the Galaxy Fold 2, as was the case with its predecessor earlier this year.

Samsung is expecting to sell at least 6 million foldables in 2020

Truth be said, this report does seem a bit hard to believe. Samsung is expecting to sell at least 6 million foldables in 2020, though, and that suggests a considerably lower price tag.

If this report ends up being true, and the Galaxy Fold 2 ends up costing $850, Samsung could easily achieve such sales numbers.


Samsung did share some concept folding smartphone images during its Developers Conference recently. That is probably not the Galaxy Fold 2’s final design.

The device will fold vertically, like the device that Samsung showed off, but you can expect to see some changes in the final design.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold managed to intrigue quite a few people. It is too expensive, though, and also extremely fragile. There are quite a few tradeoffs when it comes to that phone. So, Samsung will hopefully improve upon those with the Galaxy Fold 2. The same goes for an improved version of the original Galaxy Fold.