Grab The True Wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds For Just $99 – Amazon Cyber Monday Deals


During this weekend of deals there's been plenty of savings on true wireless headphones. You can now add Samsung and its Galaxy Buds to that list.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are the company's latest true wireless headphones solution. Boasting a completely wireless design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds offer the ultimate in freedom and movement.

A design like this normally results in some limitations and most often, the battery life. However, the Samsung Galaxy Buds do provide up to 6 hours of usage before needing to be recharged.


What's more, the carry case is also a charging case and can provide an additional 7 hours of charge.

As to be expected with Samsung, these headphones are designed to offer a premium listening experience. This is even more so as the audio has been tuned by AKG.

In addition, these headphones work with an "Ambient Aware" feature to let the user tune in (or out) as much as they want to their surroundings.


Some of their other features include Bluetooth 5.0, a splash-resistant design, and seamless switching between devices.

If you own a Samsung smartphone then these are the headphones built for you. However, even if you don't own a Samsung phone, you'll still find great value on offer with these true wireless headphones.

Especially at their current price.


Here's the deal

The Samsung Galaxy Buds can now be purchased for just $99.99 from Amazon.

These normally cost $129 in the U.S. making the current saving about $30.

Considering these are cheaper than previous generations while offering a similar user experience and quality, the new price represents some seriously good value.


In fact, this is pretty much the lowest price they've been on sale for through Amazon since the Galaxy Buds first launched.

You even have the option of choosing either the black or white set at the same sale price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds - $99.99 - Amazon