Revised Version Of The Huawei Mate X Coming To MWC 2020


Huawei is planning to show off a revised version of the Mate X foldable smartphone at MWC 2020. The device will include the Kirin 990, and an improved hinge, it seems.

This information has been revealed by the company’s CEO, Richard Yu. He mentioned this revised version of the Huawei Mate X during an interview with the French press in Shenzhen.

As a reminder, Mr. Yu also mentioned that the Huawei P40 flagship series will launch at the end of March. He mentioned that in the very same interview, but that information surfaced earlier than the Mate X info, which is why it got shared yesterday.


Huawei will show off a revised version of the Mate X in Barcelona

In any case, Huawei is planning to show off a new version of the Mate X during MWC 2020, and that was kind of expected. Back in October, Huawei showed off the Kirin 990-powered Mate X in China. That device supported 5G connectivity, and the company said that it will launch in China around March.

Well, that very same device will be shown in Barcelona as well. It is even possible that it will become available for purchase soon after the tradeshow ends.

This new variant of the phone will not only have a new SoC with an integrated 5G modem, but will be improved in other ways as well. The company has improved a hinge on the phone, and the same goes for its display, it’s more durable now.


Just to be clear. Mr. Yu did not really say that this is the same version that was announced in China, so some surprises may occur.

Samsung is already planning to release its second-gen foldable smartphone, and Huawei still did not properly release its first-gen one. The US ban managed to mess with Huawei’s plans, so the availability of the Mate X is really limited.

The device did launch in Huawei’s homeland, though. It was sold out several times in China, despite its extremely high price tag.


Huawei’s second-gen foldable is expected to arrive in 2020

Huawei is expected to introduce the second-gen Mate X sometime in 2020, but we still don’t have any information regarding that smartphone.

China and the US will hopefully agree on a new trade deal soon, as Huawei is suffering because of the current situation. The company is banned from doing business with US companies, and that includes Google.

As a result, Huawei cannot use Google services in its device, and that includes the Play Store. In other words. Android users are basically not able to get access to the full library of Android applications on new Huawei phones. Huawei is developing its very own alternative to GMS called HMS, but that’s just an unnecessary complication. Huawei’s ban will hopefully be lifted soon, for the sake of market competition and the company itself.