PUBG MOBILE Adds More The Walking Dead Skins & Weapons


PUBG MOBILE players are in for a treat as the game will now include additional skins and weapons from AMC's The Walking Dead.

Since the start of this partnership between PUBG MOBILE and AMC, players have had the chance to acquire Daryl Dixon's Motorcycle as well as his skin for use in matches.

This was expanded upon with a skin for another top character from the show, which was Rick Grimes. Now starting from today players can acquire skins for Negan and Michonne.


These are limited time items though, so you won't be able to grab them forever. You will to keep them once you have them however, so players interested in collecting this kind of stuff should work to get them as quickly as possible.

In addition to skins, players can acquire two new weapons

There are two new weapons you can acquire in the new limited time event, and these tie directly to the two new character skins.

The weapons are Negan's bat Lucille, and Michonne's katana. Both of these weapons are permanent. So once you get them you can keep using them for future matches even after the event is over.


You do only have a couple of weeks to grab them though. Which means you shouldn't wait till last minute to login to the game and start playing. That is if you have any interest in getting the items.

There's no mention of how much damage either of these weapons do, so if you're curious you may just have to play the game and acquire them to find out if they're any good or not.

Players can earn the new items or buy them

Players will have the opportunity to simply purchase the new skins and weapons if they want to. That being said there isn't a requirement to purchase them.


Both the new skins and new weapons will be earnable by playing the game. To acquire them this way players will need to partake in special in-game events that are happening as part of the collaboration with AMC's The Walking Dead.

Once you log in, look for these events or missions and complete any associated tasks as this will lead to getting these new items. If you play enough, which shouldn't be too much, then you can grab them all without having to spend a dime.

Both Negan and Michonne and their weapons are live as of today until December 19, so grab them while you can.