The Polk Command Bar Soundbar with Alexa Is Now Just $199 – Amazon Cyber Monday Deals


Black Friday might be done with, but with Cyber Monday now here, the deals keep coming. If you happen to be on the lookout for a new smart soundbar, then the Polk Command Bar is one to check out.

On the surface, this is a soundbar by Polk Audio. This is a company known for bringing to market good quality and good sounding devices. Therefore, you can expect a great all round improvement to your home entertainment system's audio quality.

This is especially true considering a wireless subwoofer is also included in the price.


However, this is also a smart soundbar. In the case of the Polk Command Bar, specifically, that means Amazon Alexa.

The Polk Command Bar basically comes with an Echo Dot built into the middle of the bar. With this Dot-like device built-in, users can make use of Alexa in exactly the same way they can if they were using a separate Echo Dot.

For example, users can get answers to questions or control the Polk Command Bar experience just by using voice commands. Likewise, if users have other Alexa-compatible smart products in the home, then there should be no issues controlling those devices either.


This is a great item for those looking for a way to improve their home audio experience while also considering getting more involved with smart speakers in general. Here, you're paying one price and getting both products in one.

Right now, that price is even lower than usual.

Here's the deal

The Polk Command Bar can currently be picked up for just $199 from Amazon.


This soundbar normally retails for $299 in the U.S. and so you are saving a cool $100 off the usual price.

The Polk Command Bar has dropped this low before, but not lower than this through Amazon. Making now a good time to pick the Polk Command Bar up at its lowest price once again.

Polk Command Bar - $199 - Amazon