OPPO's Under-Display Camera Demoed, Camera Samples Included

AH 2019 OPPO Find X 06

OPPO had a lot to say during INNO Day 2019, which stands for Innovation Day. The company hosted this event in China, and one of the most interesting aspects was the company’s under-display camera technology, which got demoed.

OPPO actually demoed its under-display camera tech in a brief video several months ago. Well, this time around, a reference device was available to attendees, and many of them played around with it.

OPPO’s under-display camera tech gets demoed yet again

One of those people is Engadget China’s Editor-in-Chief, Richard Lai. He actually shared a video of him playing around with the reference device, and it under-display camera.


It seems like you cannot see the camera itself with a naked eye. You can see it in the provided video, when Mr. Lai does a camera closeup. The camera flickered, and was visible through the camera lens of a device Richard Lai used to film this video (the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max).

You can clearly see that the camera sensor is placed right at the top of the display. It is centered, of course.

Camera samples don’t look bad at all

That’s not all, Mr. Lai also shared some camera samples taken with this device. Those samples have been shared in the comments section of the aforementioned Tweet, but you can check them out in the gallery below.

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Richard Lai did mention that the camera works better than he expected. He also mentioned that there’s a lot of hazing, especially when there’s strong backlight. That’s something that is kind of expected considering that it’s located under the display.

OPPO may be able to further reduce hazing before this tech makes its way to its devices, though. If you take a look at the camera samples, you’ll notice hazing, but it’s not too bad. These pictures do look slightly washed out because of it, but they’re not bad at all.

Many people would gladly take this over a display camera hole or notch, any day. If OPPO can further improve this tech before it starts including them in their smartphones, great, if not, this will do.


Under-display camera tech is expected to make its way to smartphones soon

Speaking of which, we’re expecting this technology to make its way to smartphones soon. OPPO may include it in one of its smartphones before the end of the year, but that’s highly unlikely.

It will definitely be present in 2020, though. We don’t know what phone will debut it, but it’s coming, that’s for sure. OPPO actually confirmed that the OPPO Find X2 flagship will be coming in Q1 2020, so that device may be first to include this technology.

We are only guessing here, of course. In any case, OPPO may be the first to use this technology, even though many other companies are working on it. Xiaomi demoed its take on an under-display camera earlier this year as well.